Saturday, April 16, 2011


Reservations are recommended at this oft-packed restaurant, where the setting is charming, the service team is cheerful and the food is mostly commendable.

Tapas are the highlight here; Cava's braised oxtail is as good as it gets _ less bony and more succulent and flavorsome than many versions elsewhere.

Bacalao with tomatoes, kalamata olive salad & lemon coriander dressing. Works well as a light, refreshing starter, but there seems to be very little salt-dried cod mixed in this.

Lamb boulette, with a minty pepper sauce to counter a smidgen of gaminess.

Paella. Packed with mixed chorizo, lamb marquez sausages, broccoli & wild mushrooms, but should be suffused with a stronger scent of saffron. That would help.

Aussie 1824 rib-eye. Meaty and rich in flavor, though a tad too tough.

Freixenet Carta Nevada Semi Seco Cava. Bubbly, bubbly, no toil or trouble.

A long list of sangria is laced with delicious ingredients. The honeyed red wine comes with drambuie, orange juice & sweet-&-sour; the white wine one with gin, honeydew & lime juice.

Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar.

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  1. Hmm... not enough saffron for paella is bad bad bad!

  2. Michelle: ya, sadly it's a common affliction! I love paella though and try to order it whenever possible =)

  3. Where's the best paella in town then, you reckon? I'm a big fan too but haven't had any decent ones outside of Spain. :(

  4. lfb: actually i have a soft spot for la bodega's paella; it's been a few years since i last had it, but i hoping it's still moist (but not mushy), rich and pea-filled =) spain? there should be spain blog entries coming next month on eat drink kl (with paella, of course) :D

  5. ahhh i've been here. It's indeed a cosy place and parking is not that difficult here.

  6. eiling: yeah, even when all the restaurants are packed, there's still parking space behind the shoplots, heh :D

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