Thursday, April 21, 2011

Restaurante Cabo da Roca

Portugal, Part VI: An eatery with a view of the Atlantic that seems to stretch forever.

Cabo da Roca is the cape that forms the westernmost tip of mainland Europe. It's a worthwhile stop, an hour's drive from Lisbon, with strong winds that threatened to blow us away.

The no-frills cafe here provides a wide range of Portuguese snacks, including "pastel de bacalhau," a cod fish-& potato croquette. Nicely battered comfort food.

The closest thing to a Portuguese cupcake. Sweet, moist and fresh-tasting.

Even the most humble outlet in Portugal serves wine. Gotta love it.

Restaurante Cabo da Roca,
Sintra, Portugal.


  1. Wah so romantic! This looks like its out of an alfred Hitchcock movie! the one with grace kelly!

  2. *sighs* I remember this place - it was so beautiful... but yeah, can also be frightfully windy/ cold! :)
    (Thank goodness you had some sunshine to balance out the cold)

  3. michelle: u're right! this could be the setting for a 1960s murder mystery! i can imagine lots of running, chasing and hiding :D
    j: i didn't think of that! yaa, it must be bitterly cold during the winter, especially with the gusts of wind still blowing. would need to hold a mug of steaming-hot coffee to stay warm :D

  4. wow what a view. I wished we had those restaurants here with the same view!

  5. eiling: a view of the malacca straits or the south china sea! actually ya, i like seaside views too =)