Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bistrot Geneve @ Geneva Airport, Seafood Bar @ Oslo Airport & Obwarzanki @ Krakow Airport

Geneve Aeroport's most appealing F&B venue may be this surprisingly spacious casual bistro, where a meaty pate & some good wine can be bought for a decent price - well, the pate costs 60 ringgit, but that's par for the course across this Swiss city.

It's troubling to imagine leaving the Norwegian capital without a final bite of the country's seafood - mercifully, Oslo's airport boasts a couple of bars for shrimp salads & salmon sandwiches, washed down with some aquavit, Scandinavia's 'water of life.'

Braided bread rings known as obwarzanki, thick, chewy & golden-brown, are everywhere on Krakow's streets - if you need a fix before flying out, you'll also find them at John Paul II International Airport, accompanying pieces of grilled oscypek, smoked cheese made of salted sheep milk from the Tatra Mountains.


  1. What lovely stuff they have at their airports! Not so miserable like our KLIA, even KLIA2 has an edge over it.

    1. Suituapui: ooo, i actually still prefer KLIA over KLIA2 - partly cos the former has a wider range of alcohol-serving outlets :D

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