Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Wine House

This wine boutique serves as a pleasant place for a peaceful, pork-packed meal accompanied by several glasses of Chardonnay or Pinot Noir.

Bacon-wrapped asparagus. Tiny, but marvelously savory and reasonably juicy.

Glazed pork belly. Meaty stuff, with a pinch of spiciness from some mustard on the side. But it lacks a sense of melt-in-the-mouth succulence to make it a real knockout.

Forgettable pork ribs. There are more lip-smacking, finger-lickin' versions elsewhere.

Red Hill Creek Chardonnay (Australia, 2007) & Don Cayetano Merlot (Santiago, Chile, 2008). The selection of wines by the glass is nicely priced at RM15-20.

Arthur Metz Gewurtzraminer (Alsace, France, 2005) & Logan Apple Tree Flat Merlot (Mudgee NSW, Australia, 2006).

The kitchen only closes at about 11pm, making The Wine House an ideal stop for a late snack when the rest of the mall is closed.

The Wine House,
Ground Floor, Hartamas Shopping Centre,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Wish there wasn't so many things tht was unavailable in one nite!
    But guess ur rite, its not the dining tht keeps them going, just the wines..

  2. Not a wine person... so, this is not my kinda of place.

  3. Are the selection of wine affordable too???

  4. Tng: ya, I think most visitors to this mall prefer to eat at the other outlets here, since there are just so many options!
    Michelle: not a wine person? Or maybe u haven't found the right wine for yourself yet :D
    Leo: oh yeah, lots of bottles for below rm100, if I recall correctly!

  5. wow looks like a nice place to indulge in wine and some porcine delights. Too bad it's kinda far for me!

  6. Eiling: yeah, I guess there are lots of other places serving both pork and wine these days. But the next time u're in this neighborhood, this could be nice to check out :D

  7. I don't like wine ...but i like the food >.<

  8. Wintergurl: ahh there's still a chance that u might like this place then! :D

  9. Seriously, methinks almost anything wrapped in bacon will turn out heavenly...

    ...with the obvious exception of cockles and mangosteens. :P

  10. lfb: trust u to think of the most delightful menage a trois ever! mangosteens stuffed with cockles, wrapped in bacon! :D