Friday, December 24, 2010

Moet & Chandon

France, Part II: Moet & Chandon's headquarters is in the scenic countryside commune of Epernay, where vineyards seem more common than houses.

A tour of the company's subterranean cellars provides eye-opening insights into the history of champagne, as well as its time-consuming production process.

There's also an in-house store where visitors can purchase wide-ranging champagnes at relatively low prices. Tempting, but the queues can get rather long.

Champagne tasting at the close of the tour provides light at the end of the tunnel.

Moet & Chandon,
Epernay, France.


  1. I feel that Moet is getting more and more commercialized these days... is it just me?

  2. lfb: jom, beli tiket kapal terbang! (or tiket kapal laut, if u have lots of time to spare) :P
    michelle: hmmm, i can't tell, but i know that christmas hit the height of commercialism this year, heheh :D

  3. if me, i'll definitely try to buy home a bottle of double magnum!

  4. Eiling: oh ya, I wanted to buy one of their sweet-variety champagnes, but the queue was just too long! :D

  5. Bubbles make everything better! Happy holidays Sean!

  6. Feed me: thanks Shan! Season's greetings to you too! :D