Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Al-Amar Express

Buoyed by its success at Pavilion, Al-Amar has launched an "express" branch outside Fahrenheit 88, offering what could be considered a fast food version of Lebanese cuisine.

Steamed fava beans with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic & parsley. A surprisingly hearty, seemingly healthy recipe to warm and fill our tummies.

Minced lamb wrapped in bread with hummus, onions & pickles. Easy to eat, without the messiness of Western burgers and sandwiches. But then, this isn't half as satisfyingly juicy and flavorsome as a Burger King Whopper.

Baked eggs with ground beef, served in a hot pot. Playfully called 'Eggcellence' on the menu. Alas, we left the bowl covered with a lid for too long, causing the trio of yolks to turn hard instead of remaining runny.

Lebanese pizza topped with cheese & spicy lamb sausages (sujuk). Only recommended for those who prefer relatively thick crusts. Might have been more fulfilling with a more generous sprinkling of sausage slices.

Iced mint tea & date juice. Beer is available, but not any other booze.

Service is warm and speedy. Al-Amar Express closes at 3am, which makes it convenient for late-night snacks. Shisha is also supplied, naturally.

Al-Amar Express,
Fahrenheit 88.


  1. First time reading about fast-food concept on Lebanese food!!
    from the way you wrote this post, they don't really sound "EXPRESS" at all :P still like a full-fledged restaurant!!

  2. leo: oh, more than half their menu comprises sandwiches and pizzas! and the food gets served within 10-15 mins. quicker than pizza hut (but i'm not sure if it's healthier, heh)! :D

  3. I've been trying to get my mom to bring me to this place but she just does not like middle eastern cuisine, more so after she came home from turkey.

  4. michelle: heheh, i share your mom's sentiments. i've been trying to learn to appreciate middle eastern food for ages, but it seems to lack the tastes and textures that hit the right spot for me :D

  5. the Lebanese pizza topped with cheese & spicy lamb sausages just looks strange to me.. like boogers on a pizza. HAHAHAHAHA

  6. ciki: oh nooooo! i'll never be able to look at it the same way again! hahah, but yeah, it doesn't look terribly appetizing, i'm afraid :D

  7. this is great! some people do need food at midnight. It was such a bummer that i couldn't even get decent food in paris after 9pm. it sucked!

  8. eiling: ooh, 9pm is so early! i guess they close particularly early during the winter months, since i think the restaurants stay open till 11pm even in autumn. but yeah, i wish we had more restaurants in kl that stay open late too, not just mamak and dai chow outlets :D

  9. Not been to the Express branch (though we did see its hasty construction) but the original served good, uhm, meat. Had a couple of meals there consisting mainly, uhm, meat. Tasty meat.

    (Okay, see, this is why I don't write a food blog. LOL)

  10. lfb: bluff wan! if u had to blog about al-amar, u'd probably be able to construct phrases such as 'succulent meat streaked with crimson, like that of blood being squeezed from a stone' :D