Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Spasso Milano

Alrighty, here's round two of Spasso Milano. For earlier entry, click: December 3.

We've skipped Spasso's pastas and pizzas so far, since the varieties here are run-of-the-mill. The more enticing options include these grilled Alaskan king crab legs on ice. Fleshy and easy to scrape out, though the ones at Il Primo are juicier and tastier.

Cream of green peas with pan-fried foie gras & sun-dried tomatoes. A harmonious medley of flavors, with the luscious savoriness of the liver and the tangy taste of the tomatoes blending really well with the naturally sweet soup. A bargain for RM22++; this photo only shows a half-portion, since the soup was split into two bowls for sharing.

Flamed prawns on horseradish cream sauce & mustard seeds. Moist, meaty crustaceans, with a pleasant wasabi-ish kick from the sauce.

Desserts are limited, but that might change after the outlet's official launch later this month. The ricotta cheese tart with raisins & orange wasn't the freshest confection we've ever tasted, but it succeeded in combining buttery, cheesy and sweet sensations with effortless flair.

Lemon cream & pine nut tart with vanilla gelato. Perfectly fine, but forgettable.

A more interesting discovery was this Rosa Regale (Piedmont, Italy, 2008). A red sparkling wine, with a bouquet of rose petals and flavors of raspberries & strawberries. While it works best as a dessert wine, this is pleasant enough to be drunk throughout the entire meal, since it clashes with virtually nothing.

Spasso Milano,
Nihonkan Club, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-4252-7088


  1. That's not much fr dinner actually ;p
    and oh, i jz noticed the side pic of u! wahhh
    so suave!

  2. Tng: heheh, it was actually more of supper than dinner (luckily the last orders here are only at 10pm). And ahh, thank you ... yeah, just changed the pic to a new one, just in time for the new year next month :D

  3. Michelle: good to change at least once a year, I guess =)

  4. Oooh. The wine sounds really interesting... :)

  5. wow cold alaskan king crab - that I have yet to try! This looks like a teo chew dish cos we used to have cold crabs at the chinese restaurant.

  6. J: yeah, very easy to drink and refreshing too! :
    Eiling: oh ya, I think I recall having some cold crab dish at chao yen, that teochew outlet in sunway pyramid. Tasted good there too! =)

  7. arrghhhh!!! Rosa Regale :( I have been trying to find a case of these to keep.. coz I'd tried once in Prego and thought that it was great! Sweet & fruity...

  8. leo: it's quite a nice change from the usual prosecco-ish sparkling wines ... though slightly pricier :D

  9. Hi Sean, thanks for the review. We have just launched full menu which includes longer list of pasta, pizza and risotto. Please note that the telephone number stated above is wrong. It is 03 4252 7088 and will appreciate if you can change it as the number above is finance office.
    Cheers, DR

  10. dr: thanks for the update! have changed the phone number. looking forward to returning soon and trying the risotto, etc =)