Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Ming Room

Eating here can prove a bit of a splurge, but much of the food is worthwhile.

Pigeon, prepared in two ways. Not terribly bony, thankfully (though we're still waiting for someone to help us tell the difference between pigeon meat and quail).

Pan-fried cod fish with foie gras terrine on toast. Inventively tasty, but imagine how much more luscious this would be as baked cod fish topped with pan-fried liver instead.

"Tong bo" pork trotter with 'silver roll' bread. Gelatinous fat and melt-in-the-mouth meat, braised in a preserved veggie broth that was good to the last slurp. What's not to love?

BBQ baby duck with Caesar salad. The succulent, savory meat and the creamy salad turned out to be a tasty match of East and West.

Stir-fried shredded fish with silver sprouts. Another intriguing item; tender but unidentifiable fish, complemented by a gentle, not-too-salty coat of egg yolk.

Pan-seared goose liver with garlic fried rice. The rice was well-prepared, but not particularly memorable; the foie gras wasn't the best in town either.

Grant Burge Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay NV, purchased from There's no corkage charge at The Ming Room _ a crucial incentive to return here.

The Ming Room,
Bangsar Shopping Centre.


  1. All that + no corkage? That's it, I'm sold!

  2. I've had foie gras in many chinese restaurants and they always turn out too bloody to be true (true blood)

  3. Feed Me: heheh, and u could actually get a 10 percent discount with a membership card from the oriental group of restaurants in KL :D
    Michelle: Hmm, I guess the preparation of the liver isn't as easy as it might seem! But yeah, it's hit-or-miss with foie gras at lotsa outlets...

  4. Last time I was here, 'twas for a wedding banquet. They do seem popular. :)

  5. lfb: so popular that they're opening a new branch at the gardens in mid valley soon! yay! :D

  6. wow foie gras with fried rice! what a luxury!

  7. eiling: a cholesterol and carbohydrate-filled luxury, unfortunately! :D

  8. Dung Boh meat, awwwwww

  9. Would agree the price can be steep but guess its worthwhile if the food is really good !
    Had the set dinner for 4 n added 1 for my other guest . We had such a wonderful meal , the sharks fin in coconut was good !
    The Peking duck came with the wrapper which was nice n moist .
    The fresh scallops in garlic sauce nice .
    Fried diced duck meat wrapped in lettuce (DIY) not too oily n right amount of saltiness.
    The fried rice had this wonderful wok hei .
    The dessert with a star especially the hashima pear in tea ! Very ingenious !!
    My compliments to the chef !! Manager Christine was also very helpful :-)