Thursday, December 30, 2010

Brasserie Le Carnot

France, Part IV: This provincial brasserie was an accidental discovery, but a happy one!

The main attraction here: the notorious Andouillette sausage, a powerfully odorous pig colon-&-tripe sausage that smells exactly like a bad public restroom. Even as the plate is brought to the table, the stench of it already assaults your nostrils.

The key to eating this is not breathing while you bite into it and chew. If you can manage that, it's actually addictive: supremely succulent, with complex flavors that manage to be both sweet and savory (but with a stinky aftertaste nevertheless).

Less intrepid eaters can still find tremendous pleasure in the Perigord salad. The version here is a massive mound of green salad with duck gizzard, smoked magret, foie gras, potatoes & croutons. This probably contains as much carbs, fat and sodium as three Big Macs, but let's say it right now: this was the best salad we had all year.

Being in Champagne region, champagne had to be the drink of choice, naturally.

The brasserie is a five-minute stroll from Reims' marvelous Gothic cathedral.

Brasserie Le Carnot,
Reims, France.


  1. If I ever visit France, I'm not sure if I can stomach French food day in and day out though. No offense, but I'd love some down-to-earth, greasy and messy food too. Everything there looks posh and snooty if ya know what i mean.

  2. OMG.. an extremely stinky sausage & over-calorific salad. And in France! Quite a find Sean ;p

  3. qwazymonkey: oh ya, but the french cooking in the countryside (not the cities) is simpler and more 'honest.' stews in hot pots, meat and potatoes and veggies. i wish we had more of those types of french restaurants in kl! :D
    tng: heheh, this will probably be my one and only visit to this outlet! i don't think i'll even know how to retrace my steps and find it ever again! :D

  4. So... basically you had a Stinky Sausage? Hehe.

    I think I'd take my chances with the 3-BigMacs-in-one salad instead. And it has your Sean's Daily Recommended Intake of Foie Gras (SDRIFG) too! :P

  5. You should put up more pictures of the cathedrals! I can only hope to visit them someday. :(

  6. wow stinky sausage. something like the chinese version of stinky toufu? we should assemble all the stinky food and savour them in all one shot! will be interesting tasting session!

  7. like the cathedral is literally called the "gothic cathedral"? haha..
    I love spending hours inspecting the ridiculously beautiful architecture of european buildings

  8. lfb: i've smelled and tasted worse. ahem =)
    michelle: i'm sure u'll visit them eventually (and i'm positive that u'll love them!) :D
    eiling: i like your courage! and yeah, i'd add some stinky cheese to that menu too! =)
    augustdiners: yikes, i've totally forgotten the cathedral's real name (and i spent two hours there, heheh!) :D