Friday, December 10, 2010


Turkish fare isn't our all-time favorite cuisine, but it's still worth considering if we're searching for something slightly more exotic than meat & potatoes.

Imam Bayildi, literally translated as "the imam fainted." Cold braised eggplant stuffed with onions & tomatoes, then simmered in olive oil. While we weren't exactly swooning over this recipe, the eggplant was nevertheless aromatic and pleasantly squishy enough to recommend.

Lentil soup. Not as thick as expected, but at least this tasted freshly made.

Pide bread. Would be better if there were more of the minced lamb topping.

Antep tomato dip. Mildly spicy. A decent dip, though hummus works better.

Doner kebab _ marinated grilled minced lamb, delicately sliced. Tastier and more tender than Kyros Kebab's version, of course, but lamb chops are more fun to sink our teeth into.

Split-belly eggplant, stuffed with chicken, tomatoes & spices. Awesomely addictive. More flavorful than the imam bayildi, with far more bite to it too.

Pistachio-topped kataifi. Sweet satisfaction, at the very end.

Ayran buttermilk & Turkish Coffee.

Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. For an outlet in Pavilion, it has to do better than tht!
    Prices are expected not cheap, and food is mediocre? Darn..
    I luv mid east fare actually ;p but dont get to eat it often as it is not as popular in PJ!

  2. urgh, sorry but not some cuisine i'd wanna venture into :D

  3. tng: sadly, many of the eateries at pavilion are kinda mediocre. i guess BSC is kl's best mall in terms of dining options :D
    augustdiners: ya, many of us would probably prefer pasta, sashimi, etc compared to this =)

  4. too bad about the food.. however, i must say that the Pistachio-topped kataifi looks interesting! how sweet exactly is sweet? ;)

  5. Ciki: quite sweet actually... Like a baklava ... Or raisin.. Or gulab jamun :D

  6. Lentil soup - dhal izit? I like the look of the place...very bright and spacious. But always empty, hor?

  7. lemongrass: actually more bland and much less satisfying than dhal (which i absolutely love, especially the thick ones with all the potatoes, carrots & other veggies inside) :D ya, i'm impressed that this place has survived for this long. but it still ranks among pavilion's best, ermm, 20 restaurants, i guess :D

  8. i'll give this a pass.. hehe

  9. Eiling: ya, I'm not sure I'd revisit this place either. Maybe if they start serving booze someday (highly unlikely, heheh)

  10. "The imam fainted"? Then was revived with the heavenly scent of cold braised eggplant stuffed with onions & tomatoes, simmered in olive oil? :P

    If liddat, I dun mind fainting also lah. So long as there's a chef nearby to perform a gastrorgasmic feat of CPR on me. :D

  11. lfb: but it wouldn't be tough to make you faint. all we'd need is the out-of-this-world scent of mangosteens stuffed with cockles, wrapped in bacon! and then we'd revive you by putting one in your mouth :D