Tuesday, December 7, 2010

J Sheekey

England, Part V: A decidedly old-school establishment specializing in seafood at Covent Garden, a short stroll from London's theater district.

The menu is extensive, featuring fish from some of the furthest oceans. These pickled Arctic herrings with potato salad & dill sauce are an acquired taste, but if you don't mind cold, slimy and sour fish, then this is worth checking out.

Can't really rave about the Irish Carlingford Rock oysters; there are sweeter, more succulent ones to be found elsewhere.

Sauteed monkfish cheeks with girolles & sea purslane. Meaty fish, bordering on chewy (with a chicken-ish texture _ not necessarily a bad thing though).

Fried fillet of haddock. Can't fault the fish _ satisfyingly fresh, moist and flaky _ but we've had better chips & mushy peas at The Magnificent in Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Cornish fish stew with celery hearts & garlic mayo. Piping-hot comfort for a cold night, brimming with sufficient seafood _ but ultimately forgettable, flavor-wise.

J Sheekey,


  1. Cold slimy fish and monkfish cheeks.. Hehehe..
    Quite an experience sean! ;p

  2. Tng: heheh, there's so much food from the ocean that we haven't really had the chance to investigate! Maybe I'll become a 'fishoholic' someday :D

  3. I been here before in my London 07 trip. No dessert? They had this spotted dick dish.

  4. Joe: gosh, u just made me realize that I didn't have any dessert at all anywhere in London this year! A shame too, since the last time I had spotted dick was last year at chinoz klcc...

  5. Ew. The fish sounds disgusting.... :(
    (really a case of one man's meat....)

  6. This is a very "fishy" place! The Artic herring sounds interesting. I prefer fish anytime over game and poultry!

  7. Ewww... herring! tried once and didn't like it

  8. j: heheh, or in this case, one man's fish is another woman's poison :D
    michelle: yeah, i guess we've gotta mix it up. can't have fish everyday, but can't have poultry everyday either =)
    leo: oh ya, it's not my favorite fish either. but once in awhile, it's worth taking a few bites (just a few, heheh) :D

  9. the name sounds like some idian food establishment! haaha

  10. eiling: oh, the j apparently stands for 'josef' ... yeah, it was some guy's name :D

  11. "...but if you don't mind cold, slimy and sour fish, then this is worth checking out."

    Urgles. Never a big fan of cold fish. Very much a Chinaman when it comes to fish - love mine fresh and freshly steamed! :D

    P.S. Hello, stranger! Sorry been away. Been under the weather. Now I've got 15 posts of yours to catch up on! *gulps*

    Don't worry, shall spare you and not comment on all of them. These days, at my age, I only have energy to comment on but a few. :P

  12. lfb: but when a chinaman's in rome, he needs to do as the romans do, right. even if that means swallowing something cold and slimy :D
    p.s. arghh, there's a virus going around, isn't there ... but you're young enough that you can be back on your feet and bouncing up and down in no time (hopefully!)

  13. Chinamen might wanna consider skipping Rome then for their next European tour. Ahem.

    P.S. Am up and away! (Well, almost. Krabi's only tomorrow. So many more horus to wait. Sighs.) And I did finish all 15 posts of yours that I missed - whee!

    P.P.S. Of course, I'll have at least 3-4 new posts to catch up on till I'm back from my short Krabi getaway. Ah well. It's not work when it's Eat Drink KL. A pleasure. :D

  14. lfb: am sure the romans would return the favor and agree to have dim sum when they're in beijing :D
    p.s. sigh! while the rest of us have to deal with monday blues, u'll be enjoying the ocean blue :P
    p.p.s. awwww, u're too kind! heheh :D

  15. Haha, I know my Italian friends certainly enjoyed their year-long stay in Beijing (and had their son there too). But one's from Trento, and his wife is Polish so they aren't exactly Romans! :P

    P.S. Ah well. I shall send my love? Lol.

    P.P.S. I'm never kind. Simply honest. :)

  16. lfb: hmmm, now i'm curious about what polish cuisine is like! i'm assuming a lot of soups and stews...
    p.s. bah. btw, in honour of your thai vacation, shaun and i will be having thai for dinner tonite. we'll see u next month hopefully! :D
    p.p.s. but not brutally honest, fortunately! i've never believed in the adage that one sometimes must be cruel to be kind =)

  17. Stews would be right, methinks. And my Italian friends tell me the horsemeat they get come from Poland, so there's that, I guess.

    P.S. Aww. I'm so touched. Say hi to Shaun from me!

    P.P.S. Ah but I've been known to have cruel intentions even I'm being kind. Heh. Love that flick. Sarah Michelle Gellar & Ryan Philippe. Yums.

  18. lfb: neigggggh! according to this article, the belgians are the ones who really love horse meat: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horse_meat :D
    p.s. you should be touched! i rarely take thai food, since spicy stuff does bad things to my digestive system :P
    p.p.s. both ryan and sarah are aging really well. blondes have all the fun, don't they =)