Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dancing Fish

Waltzing back to Dancing Fish. Click here for earlier entry (December 13).

Javanese home-style broth, brimming with chicken & veggies. Decent enough to satisfy soup lovers; slightly too peppery, but at least it wasn't excessively salty or oily.

Mackerel otak-otak, fried in pandan leaves. Kinda like a cross between regular otak-otak and pandan chicken. Might not be a hit with everyone though; we liked how the texture wasn't wet and mushy, but the taste lacked a memorable oomph.

Calamari grilled over charcoal embers and basted with BBQ sauce. As smoky and caramelized as promised on the menu. At first bite, it even tasted like pork char siew!

Buntut Belado Enak (oxtail braised in herbs & spices, served with a non-spicy chili salad). Tender, aromatic meat, but could be too fatty and gelatinous for some.

Durian & coconut gelati. Made from fresh fruit for authentic flavors.

No cocktails here, but the mocktails include Spicy Mango Lime & Wild Minty Cucumber Soda. Fizzy stuff _ fragrant and not too sweet.

Dancing Fish,
3rd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre.
Tel: 2095-6663


  1. Wil go for the duck, oxtail and wash off w the gelati!

  2. Tng: sounds like a good meal! Lotsa meaty protein, then refreshing sweets :D

  3. Most of the items are grilled or fried... hmm.

  4. Michelle: yep, those outnumber the curry/gravy recipes here, if I recall right...

  5. I always end up snickering when I come across anything "Buntut" on the menu.
    (Buntut Belado Enak = Yummy Belado Style Butt? LOL)
    (Juvenile, I know)

  6. The fact that you went back there repeatedly surely warrants a visit there soon!

  7. j: heheh, it is funny! but hmmmm, it seems hilarious only to malaysians, and ordinary to indonesians. i think i've seen the word used often and shamelessly in indonesian recipes :D
    pureglutton: oh yeah, the menu is quite wide, with enough options to warrant multiple trips! :D

  8. maybe... but still in Malaysia... buntut = butt/arse :P
    the calamari caught my eyes for sure :) I might mistaken it as char siew

  9. leo: ya, i guess it might mean the same thing in both languages, but m'sians and indonesians treat the word differently? heheh. and ya, the calamari was a pleasant surprise. sweet and savory and not rubbery or chewy :D