Monday, December 20, 2010

G3 Kitchen

Telawi's streets are teeming with watering holes, but there's only a smattering of outlets for satisfying food. Thankfully, we can now add G3 Kitchen & Bar to that short list.

Potato risotto with field mushrooms & lamb sausages. This mix of creamy diced potatoes with firm, sticky rice offered a terrific textural change from traditional risotto. A smash hit in terms of taste too, thanks to the meaty, mildly spicy sausages.

Roasted pumpkin salad with almond flakes & feta cheese. A whopping chunk of warm, velvety pumpkin, perhaps sufficient for a week's requirement of beta-carotene.

Salted beef sandwich with mustard & gherkins. Scarcely medium-rare, the meat mustered a melt-in-the-mouth moistness and spectacular savoriness that worked wonders with the ultra-fresh, pillow-soft bread.

Duck confit, slow-cooked for six hours and served with beetroot relish. Flavorsome, but not quite the duck confit of our dreams. Frangipani's succulent version remains our favorite in the city, though some might consider it excessively sodium-laden.

Braised grain-fed Angus beef ribs with onion mash & gremolata. Exceptional; the portion was supremely generous (for only about RM30), comprising fork-tender slabs of meat packed with a rich, beefy taste. A knockout in our book.

Fig & walnut tart. Sweet, nutty and buttery. We absolutely loved this.

Rhubarb tart. Not bad, but tasted more like a raspberry jam tart. Nevertheless, G3's pastries boast a fabulous freshness, making it clear that desserts aren't a mere afterthought here.

J Lohr Painter Bridge Zinfandel (California).

Deakin Estate Chardonnay (Australia).

G3 Kitchen & Bar,
19, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 2282-8019


  1. looks like u have found quite a winner here!

  2. Too bad the desserts were not as good as they appear to be. :(

  3. OOooh. Those carbs love tempting, and just a stone's throw away too. :D

  4. Potato risotto? That's a first for me. Do they take as long as the normal rice risotto to make?

  5. oh man.. rhubarb desserts remind me of mass hall! LOL. we used to hate those in the UK. was this one done well? i mean, seriously :P

  6. joe: hopefully it stays that way! i was pleasantly surprised by how good the food here was, but i'm not sure it'll be able to attract the crowds amid all the competition in bangsar...
    michelle: the fig & walnut tart was wonderful, but the rhubarb tart was so-so :D
    j: both the carbs AND the protein are worth checking out! and look, lots of greens for vitamins too, heheh =)
    lfb: ya, as soon as we spotted that on the menu, we knew we'd be ordering it! preparation time was around the same, about 15-20 minutes (hmmmm, we could cook at least eight batches of instant noodles in that span, huh)...
    ciki: ohhh i guess it's a matter of personal preference? i didn't love the rhubarb tart either, but that's partly cos i don't like sourish desserts, heheh :D

  7. 8 bowls of instant noodles do not a good dish of risotto make. Must be why for this we continue to grin, bear & wait. :P

  8. I used to work in Telawi area in year 2000 (fashion retail)... but after I quitted, I rarely made my way to Telawi anymore...

  9. lfb: i thought your modus operandi was to grin and bare it, with no waiting at all :P i wouldn't mind 8 bowls of instant noodles though, if all of them came topped with eggs =)
    leo: telawi is just a parking nightmare for me, so i'm glad to park at bangsar village. but then there's the extra effort of having to walk to particular outlets at the far end of telawi :D

  10. ciki: heheh, that's what everyone is asking. seriously though, this restaurant's name is supposed to be a tribute to its three chefs, whose names apparently all start with 'g.' or something like that :D

  11. why G3? not a 3G restaurant? haha... so much of meaty dishes!!! the salty beef sandwich does look interesting

  12. eiling: hahah, ya, it's a strange name for a restaurant, but their chefs' names apparently start with the letter 'g' :D and i lurrrve meat! i'm a true-blood carnivore, heheh

  13. Somehow I totally believe you can polish off eight bowls of instant noodles... with eggs in each bowl some more. Eeks.

  14. lfb: after about five bowls, i'd probably just be eating the noodles and eggs, but leaving the soup untouched :D