Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On The Table @ Solaris Dutamas

The latest entry at Solaris Dutamas is off to a slow start, without a fixed menu so far, but it has the potential to become one of the better outlets in this complex.

Miso soup. Right now, the kitchen offers a mishmash of everything from Japanese and Italian cuisine to Middle Eastern and Malay food.

Caprese salad. When it's done right, this is one of our favorite salads. Sweet, juicy tomatoes with soft, creamy mozzarella. What's not to love?

Fattoush. Eating healthy, for a change. Thankfully, the olives provided a wallop of flavor on what might otherwise be a relatively bland platter.

Palate-cleanser of strawberry sorbet. The service is also worth mentioning, since the restaurant staff members were genuinely gracious and helpful.

Yunikudon (beef with rice). Tasted homemade, in a good way.

Fettuccine with olive oil and prawns. Not as wonderful as what you'd find at the best Italian restaurants, but well-prepared enough to placate pasta lovers.

Beef shish kebab with rice. Can't find fault with any of the food here; there's nothing really rave-worthy, but all the ingredients taste fresh and the portions are sufficient.

Fried udon with prawns. Prices are reasonable; many dishes cost only RM15 each.

Perhaps the only problem is that booze isn't sold here, but you can bring your own, with no corkage charge (for now).

On The Table,
Solaris Dutamas.


  1. Hi Sean,

    I have been to Solaris Dutamas twice but I have not seen this place before. Mind telling me where it is?

    In case you are wondering, I came across your blog whilst doing some research for an upcoming wine dinner.

    Also, how was the Monkey Puzzle? Is it any good? Btw, considering they don't sell any booze, did you have to bring your own wine glasses?

    Thanks in advance!

    Shaun (coincidentally!)

  2. rm15 per plate, i think you cant complain!

    i think its been far too long since i gone back to solaris..need to go there b4 i get lost in an ocean of new restaurants!

  3. Shaun: it's on the first floor, the same level as the pink sage, osteria realblue and the fish & chippery, but further away from the center. I think this is their number, 6207-9966, if u need more precise directions. they'll have their own glasses for u to use, and they have no problems with customers consuming alcohol, even though the owners n staff appear to be mostly Muslim. The monkey puzzle was ok, medium-bodied but still light enough to pair with all this food. More importantly, it was convenient enough to grab at cold storage and pretty cheap at around 40 ringgit :D
    Joe: ya, the food wasn't spectacular, but it was definitely worth the price! Btw, note that this is at solaris dutamas, and not solaris mont Kiara. But yeah, there are so many more eateries in this area compared to just one or two years ago!

  4. Thanks. Appreciate the prompt response! Will check it out.

    I'm probably comparing jackfruits with bananas here, but Il Lido looks so much better!

  5. shaun: yeah, since this place is still new and not crowded during dinner, u should be able to customize the menu for your meal in advance. but u're right ... i don't usually give ratings, but il lido gets 8.5/10 from me, whereas on the table would be a 5.5/10...

  6. I think that u r biased :P since u love Italian food, it's easy for u to give high rating to Il Lido!
    Anyway, been to Solaris Dutamas once for brekkie at Pink Sage.. love the new environment. Not crowded and certainly not so congested (traffic)

  7. leo: haha, yeah, looks like u know me too well already, based on my blog entries! :D yup, i find myself visiting solaris dutamas a lot nowadays, since it has good restaurants and parking is so easy in the basement (definitely more convenient than desa sri hartamas, at least) :D

  8. So I hear you are into Italian food Sean! I am actually organising an all Italian wine dinner this Friday at Cafe Barbera at 7.30pm in case you are interested.

    There will be a Prosecco, some Chianti, a Soave and a shot of limoncello to accompany the dessert.

    Hang on, let me email you details.

    And just to be clear, I do not work for Cafe Barbera!

  9. Oh, just realised I can't send you an email! Anyways, see below:

    I am organising an Italian wine dinner this Friday, 11 June 2010 at 7.30pm at Cafe Barbera along Lorong Maarof. In case this might be of interest to you or your friends, details are as follows.

    We will be pairing Italian wines and liqueurs with Italian food. Due to the nature of the dinner, the number of attendees is limited to 12 people.

    It will be a set deal with Cafe Barbera for a main (any pizza or pasta on the menu), dessert (panna cotta or tiramisu) and tea or coffee for RM35+. On top of the food, the cost of wines should amount to about RM30. Therefore, total cost would come up to just under RM70. The wines we will be having are as follows:

    Prosecco, Veneto (this is a sparkling wine)

    Chianti, Tuscany for red
    Soave, Veneto for white

    Limoncello (Lemon liqueur)

    If you would like to come for this wine dinner, please RSVP by sending an email to

    I realise it does coincide with the first day of the world cup, so we might head to a football friendly place to catch the first match after dinner (SA vs Mexico)!

  10. shaun: hey, thanks for the invite. wish i could attend, but i've already got tickets for a movie on friday (the karate kid, heh). but that's a really nice place for a wine dinner, especially since cafe barbera doesn't serve alcohol on its regular menu. though frankly, am not a fan of their desserts =)

  11. No worries. Maybe next time then!

    Yes, I am aware of their bordering stale desserts. We shall see what happens this Friday.

  12. haha what a cute name - on the table. Gives me very notty thoughts! haha

  13. shaun: if there's enough booze, i guess nobody will mind stale desserts too much =)
    eiling: yikes, i'd never have thought of that! but now that u've put the image in my mind... :D

  14. so special for the name of "on the table",have a very nice environment ~

  15. hwiyee: oh yeah, i love the catchy name too! :D this is a good place for a semi-casual meal.

  16. Menu range seems a bit confused to me at the moment, but I guess they're still experimenting? I guess at RM15 per decent plate, they can experiment as long as they like! :-P

  17. We were at Dutamas the other day and was wondering what was this place about. Then we decided to wait for a EatdrinkKL review before we decide if we wanna try it. RM15? I'm game :)

  18. Reminds me of Long Table at Plaza Glomac PJ, that serves suposedly good Nyonya..and one of the places I meant to try..but but..well..u knw laa ;p

    Damn..tis looks reasonable. Nothing to fault huh? i got somethin to complain..why no desserts!!? Hehee

  19. min: yep, my worry is that they'll turn out to be that proverbial jack of all trades. not sure if it's better to specialize in something or to try to cater to everybody!
    qwazymonkey: it's definitely worth checking out, but beware! it's ALSO closed on sundays, just like nathalie's!
    tng: u're right! they're terribly lacking in desserts. the only sweet thing available that evening was a fruit platter, which we skipped :D

  20. Hmmm. Hmmmmmm. I worry about establishments like this where they don't seem to have a clear direction. Ah well, let's see how they iron out the kinks first.

  21. lemongrass: yeah, their promotional leaflet says "you never know what you find here: greek one week, tahitian the next" or something like that. adventurous, but hard to pull off :D

  22. Sean
    Thanks sooo much for posting this! I wouldn't have tried it if not for you ;)

    Went there last nite with my mum. We both had the pasta dishes as we needed to carbo-load for this morning's 10k training run.

    Was pretty good actually. My mum had the Olio whereas I had the Carbonara. Huge portions, we almost couldn't finish it.

    Started with bruschetta and finished off with panna cotta. They even gave us cupcakes in addition to the dessert that was on their set menu.

    RM21++ for drinks, appetizer, mains and dessert - what's there to complain? Service was excellent (well, there were only 2 tables occupied) and everyone waiting on us was really friendly and pleasant.

    Now I just need to find time to blog about this :)


  23. Yin: really happy to hear u enjoyed your dinner! Yeah, I think the fair prices and friendly service are the best reasons to recommend this place ... I'm still waiting to see if they can impress with the food once they get their kitchen settled, but here's hoping they have a long life ahead. There aren't that many good options for western food at night at solaris dutamas, so this place is a welcome entry..

  24. HI guys, just ate at this establishment, food was amazing and the staff were delightful. Turns out you can have an array of prices depending on what you want, according to the Chef (I think his name is Riz) who is actually the son of Chef Wan the celebrity chef on TV, they offer something called a 'chefs table' package where different dishes come in courses for groups to share on the table (reflecting its name!) definitely an interesting concept which I would love to bring my friends to check out! They also seem to have quite good deals with their lunch sets ranging from rm15 - 35 or around that range..

  25. alea: glad to hear u liked it! concept sounds interesting, will definitely try to head back one of these days :D

  26. Sean, thank you for pointing. Bohor Mali is an absolute sedative and Quail evokes the silent portion of the primitive. Wine was not missed but service was intoxicating on Friday night. In a sentence, it was Pranayama On The Table.

  27. Very disappointing with the food. We tried Taglitelle Frutti Di Mare and Mussel Carbonara. The mussels were made from the frozen / cooked half shell and they were awfully dry. Forget about the pasta as prawns were smelly and squid not cooked. We just finnished the pasta with the sauce and left all the seafood there! We walked in with a smile and left without saying anything to each other. It was a big mistake!