Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bon Ton @ KLCC

Nestled in a discreet corner of Isetan KLCC on the supermarket floor, fairly hidden from prying eyes. The feng shui for this outlet can't be the best though; haven't three different cafes tried their luck here in the past five years?

Nyonya laksa, Bon Ton's longtime signature recipe. Imperfect (blame the bleak, bland noodles), but we still slurped the milky coconut curry to the last spoonful.

Pai tee. Not bad, but not as crisp and fresh as we like 'em. I've resigned myself to never again tasting pai tee that's as satisfying as the ones from my childhood.

Oven-baked chicken breast with shallot rice & mixed veggies. Fairly tender, soaked in a slightly spicy citrus-based sauce. But it won't stick in the memory for long.

Red apple sorbet. Nicely encased in a real hollowed-out apple.

Pineapple sorbet. Somewhat creamier than most sorbets, but every bit as refreshing.

Click here for review of Bon Ton @ Lot 10 (Jan. 21, 2009).

Bon Ton,
Suria KLCC.


  1. Greeting frm BKK!

    "I've resigned myself to never again tasting pai tee that's as satisfying as the ones from my childhood" - well..tis applies to most food - esp the chinese ones..Imean, we nvr say anythin like "the pasta/pizza/kobe steak" tasted better during childhood..oh wait, tht prob what the french/italians would say..since they grew up w it...

  2. Oh i didn't know Bon Ton had replaced the outlet in the corner. It used to be Bakerzin and some other thing after that, right? ~haz

  3. tng: greetings from kl! hope u're having a merry time shopping and eating :D ya, we probably never had the chance to try pasta or good steaks when we were kids, heheh. interesting point though ... we should ask an italian person to find out what they think...
    haz: yep, i think bon ton replaced bakerzin, and bakerzin replaced something else before that ... or bon ton replaced something else that replaced bakerzin ... confused already :D

  4. suchan! but yes i forget in which order :D ~haz

  5. Haz: eh, suchan was ever there? I must have totally missed that part of time! :D

  6. Eh I thought Suchan was at the Aseana side? Anyway, I hardly go to KLCC nowadays except when there's a performance at DFP. Or when someone wants to buy an iPhone. =)

  7. Lemongrass: eh, all of u might be senile already ar. the only suchan outlets I've ever known were off jln gasing, bangsar village n empire shopping mall... Ya, klcc feels like someone u've made love to 100 times already ... there's nothing fresh or exciting about it anymore :p

  8. so do your forsee this place winding up or surviving?

  9. Eiling: hmmm based on the lack of a dinner crowd, it should be in trouble. but maybe/hopefully there's a lunch crowd

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