Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bistro Seven @ Medan Damansara

This place reeked of tobacco, but we were happily distracted by concert footage of a fit-looking Phil Collins belting out his excellent hits.

Grilled lamb shoulder. Reasonably tender and well-seasoned, but bony enough to pose severe risks of tooth-chipping.

Fried salmon head. Surprisingly fresh and meaty, considering it cost below RM10.

SusuRumRum, a bizarre "cocktail" of cendol & rum in a bowl. Too watery, without a boozy kick. The normal-looking one is the Fallen Angel (gin, lime, creme de menthe).

Bistro Seven,
Medan Damansara.


  1. Hmm.. do they serve full portions dinner?
    I mean, the above looks like it's finger food?

  2. Cendol and rum? Hmm, maybe some things are really not meant to be? :P

  3. this place has a very oaky feel like a place where you drink beer and smoke and have a good pork knuckle!

  4. Phil Collins! Whatever happened to him?? Did he not have a 90s revival of some sort?

  5. tng: oh yeah, there is "real" food, but this was a supper stop. not sure it's worth eating here though =)
    lfb: maybe ais kacang and gin would work better? or leng chee kang and vodka :D
    eiling: oops, i think it's pork-free! but ya, beer-drinkers and smokers are welcome =)
    min: thanks to that tarzan animated movie! you'll be in my heaaaaaaart :D but i guess now he's in musical purgatory with the likes of billy joel...

  6. wow.... the salmon head is so big

  7. no no no... reeked of tobacco??? What a turn off

  8. Ooh. Lin chee kang and vodka actually sounds pretty good! Maybe I should try it this weekend. ;)

  9. edwin: yeah, sometimes we forget that the salmon can be a pretty big fish! :D
    leo: yep, in fact i entered another pub last tuesday evening and walked out after 10 seconds cos it was soooo smoky!
    lfb: this could be the makings of a successful business! an f&b outlet that serves all manner of alcoholic desserts. since we're already writing a book together, we might as well open a cafe too, rite :D

  10. Whatever should we call this outlet? "The Confirmed, Conforming/Non-Conforming Alchoholic's Paradise"? :P

  11. lfb: aiyo, no one can memorize that. how about "vino, bambino!" it'll complement the restaurant that i'll open on the petronas twin towers' 86th floor (which will be called "over the top") :D