Friday, June 25, 2010

China Wok @ Solaris

Those seeking average Chinese food at average prices should search no further.

Siew yuk. A tad too lean and dry to recommend.

Char siew. Also lacking in that melt-in-the-mouth sumptuousness.

Chicken rice. Fairly fragrant and fluffy rice, with tender meat.

Charcoal-roasted duck. Rather bony, but had a nice smokiness.

Chicken liver & gizzard. If you like offal, this won't seem awful.

Claypot assam curry fish head. Sufficiently flavorful and brimming with fresh ingredients, including meaty chunks of fish head. Thankfully, wasn't too spicy.

La-la in pepper soup. The clams were kinda puny and shriveled.

Lo Shu Fan. Greasy goodness. But two eggs would have been better than one.

Fish head noodles. Not bad, though not as milky and tasty as it could have been.

Homemade Lo Hon Kor and barley water.

China Wok,
Solaris Dutamas.
Tel: 6207-9598


  1. "Those seeking average Chinese food at average prices should search no further" - but I never seek average Chinese (or any other cuisine fr tht matter!) food! ;p

    Ahh..Lo Hon Kor and barley water, tht's a nice change no? ;p

  2. Tng: ya true, one should never have to search for only average food ... though sometimes we have no choice or we get misled, heheh. actually I've completely forgotten what that loh Hon kuo stuff tastes like now...

  3. looks like the food is just so so...

  4. Two eggs are ALWAYS better than one! Everything else but the lou shu fun's a pass for me!

  5. life is too short for average food although if its the only choice, why not?

    thanks for being the guinea pig!

  6. If you like offal, this won't seem awful. Hehe. You're such a punny li'l bunny. =)

    I like the roast duck, but you're right, almost everything else is average. But it's a welcome change when one isn't in the mood for pancakes, kaya toast and macarons.

  7. eiling: yep, if u're in the area, it's not a bad choice, but no reason to come here for this :D
    min: how about THREE eggs? ok, ok, overkill =)
    joe: yeah, statistically speaking, average restaurants outnumber good restaurants, so they cannot be avoided, heheh...
    lemongrass: punny lil' bunny? that be my blog name if i ever ditch 'eat drink kl.' :D but i beg to differ ... one could never NOT be in the mood for macarons :D

  8. Seems like it's just truly 'average'. :(

  9. eatbitemunch: yep ... some items are even below average...

  10. well u could always ask for another egg? lol i see so many of your posts and so much complains about every restaurant

  11. amanda: heheh, not EVERY restaurant :D