Sunday, June 6, 2010

EspresSoup @ The Curve

A calm, cozy nook inside MPH Bookstore, far from The Curve's madding crowd.

Pumpkin soup in "farmer bread." Their specialty is soup, served in box-shaped bread bowls made of wheat and rye. A cool concept, but the bread was too chewy (perhaps to make it resilient enough to handle the hot soup), while the broth could have been sweeter.

Clam chowder with garlic bread & salad. Contained lots of clam slices, but somehow, the soup had an overly processed feel to it. Still, portions are hearty enough for the low prices.

The Curve.


  1. Farmer bread? Do farmers really eat this bread? :P

  2. Lfb: ok, u just forced me to google it. turns out that farmer(s) bread is a recipe for a rustic, simple kind of bread made with whole wheat flour. sounds like something that a farmer's wife might make for him to munch on while he's tending the fields :D

  3. Hahaa.. farmer's bread = poor man's bread = rustic, non processed and hence hard fr us "spoilted" -tastebuds -with- processed- SOFT bread eaters!
    Talkin abt BREAD, I'm eatin so much bread here in sG! Lovely breads & cakes they got here!Nothing else! LOL.

    This is quite a chain, with outlets at Low Yat etc..

    Great concept..but I'm bettin that it wont last ;)

  4. Soup looks excessively starchy. But I guess that correlates with the cheap prices.

  5. tng: hmmm, i guess some people like crusty bread, others enjoy soft ones. but maybe the bread here can't be made too soft, cos the heat from the soup would overwhelm it. gosh, it sounds like u're overdosing on carbohydrates there! luckily bread contains protein, fiber and vitamins too, heheh :D
    lemongrass: it seems like a trade-off ... they can't make their products too expensive, but by making them cheap, they can't splurge on the ingredients...

  6. wow this is different! soup served in bread?!! edible bowls! so environmental friendly.

  7. eiling: more filling and economical for customers too! two light eaters can easily share one soup :D