Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ozeki Tokyo

Back to Ozeki. Earlier entry: February 27.

A different amuse bouche is served here every time, and it's always a little bit mysterious. This was some sort of veggie with thin strips of tofu. Or maybe fried eggs.

Pirikara konnyaku koroni, also known as "devil's tongue" (simmered spicy Japanese yam pudding). Fascinating food, almost flavorless on its own but with a texture that straddled that fine line between gelatinous and chewy.

Mentaiko spaghetti, featuring fish roe, soy sauce, perilla leaves & dried seaweed. Creamy, mildly spicy and umami-packed; good enough to give Italian pastas a run for their money.

Sliced tomatoes topped with tosa vinegar jelly. Innately sweet tomatoes, handed a spicy punch from some mustard sauce and a savory kick from dried bonito flakes.

White wheat noodles with hijiki seaweed & diced tomatoes. A cross between fried udon & spaghetti aglio olio. Well, almost, anyway.

Steamed rice with assorted seafood in a hot steel bowl, requiring 30 minutes of cooking at the table. Patience was crucial after the service team placed this in front of us at 7.40pm.

The result wasn't quite worth the agonizing wait. We were expecting something moist, sticky and aromatic, but this was somewhat dry and bland.

Ozeki Tokyo,
Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. I love mentaiko pasta! Will have to cook it soon :)

    Btw did you open yr steamed rice at exactly 8.10 pm?

  2. baby sumo: mentaiko is a wonderful ingredient, isn't it! yeah, i love it with spaghetti, and also with sushi and with egg omelets :D heh, i was itching to eat the rice at 8pm already, but yeah, we only opened it at 8.10 sharp =)

  3. Mentaiko! I'm making it with buckwheat noodles next sunday. Hehe. :D

  4. Now I want me some mentaiko noodles too... (just joining in the chorus of mentaiko-love comments, hehe)

  5. Michelle: good luck! Am sure it'll turn out to be a delicious success! :D
    LFB: I'd expect you to chime in for a chorus of men-love comments instead! =)

  6. Devil's tongue looked like that? haha... since i've not met the devil, maybe the devil's tongue does look like that.

  7. Eiling: heh, cool name, rite! And it's low in calories but high in calcium, potassium and fiber! :D

  8. used to be my usual lunching place when i was working at klcc :D

  9. ky: it's about a 30-minute walk from my current office (or a 20-minute drive, because of traffic!) :D