Sunday, March 13, 2011


Yuzu @ KLCC: Round Two. It's all about fish, fish & more fish this time.
Earlier entry: February 13.

Salmon sashimi steak with olive oil & plum flakes. A luscious preparation, with a delicate flavor punctuated by brilliant bursts of savory salmon roe.

Oven-baked flounder fish muscle. This textural treat is partly gelatinous, partly meaty, but altogether yummy. Could be the ocean's version of siew yok, even.

Barbecued Pacific saury. Firm and fleshy, stuffed with spicy roe.

Hamachi carpaccio with olive oil, citrus sauce & crispy fried garlic. The combination of fatty yellowtail with a heavy splash of oil seemed like overkill.

Tuna belly sushi. Marvelous, melt-in-the-mouth mush.

Albacore coated in black sesame seeds. Notable for its pleasantly chewy coarseness (though this is supposed to be a potentially health-threatening fish with a high mercury content).

Grilled mackerel with soft-shell crab, which supplied a nice crunch to a forgettable fish.

Suria KLCC.


  1. Tuna belly sushi! How often does fish come in?

  2. Michelle: oh, I've never asked. But twice a week seems likely enough =)

  3. That sure is a LOTTA fish. Arentcha worried about mercury-poisoning like the sushi-stuffing Jeremy Piven a.k.a. Ari Gold of Entourage fame?

    Then again, all that fish might put some hair on yer chest like Ari's... :D

  4. I like the look of the salmon sashimi steak, nice colours and look yummy!

  5. lfb: i'm more worried about getting fish breath (even a mouthful of mints might not cure that!) :D anyways, we rarely hear of mercury poisoning in kl, right. remember, some folks even doubted jeremy piven's excuse =)
    baby sumo: oh yeah, that was my favorite of them all! a very fresh-tasting slab of salmon, with clean flavors :D

  6. is this a new restaurant in KLCC or has this been around for ages? I don't think i notice this place when I was there.

  7. eiling: oh, it's been around for a few months now, on klcc's top floor. their original branch is at the gardens mall in mid valley =)

  8. been there once but didn't find the chirashi sushi good tho. Prices are a bit higher but I guess that's due to KLCC's rental

  9. Ky: oh ya, I'm not too sure, but I think prices here are higher than their original outlet at the gardens too!

  10. I visited Yuzu @ KLCC with my partner on 19 Mar 11 for dinner.

    Restaurant Setup
    Score: 3/5
    Do not expect a typical Japanese restaurant setup but it was more like a Fusion between Japanese & Western.

    Staff & Service
    Score: 2/5
    "Unfriendly" might have been an over-statement, but surely did not receive a welcomed feeling. Staff was also inattentive -
    my partner ordered a chicken and avocado grill but they didn't not bring the utensils.

    Partner's meal arrived, finished...and unfortunately, I was still waiting for mine to be served. I had to make a reminder to the waitress. Still, I had to wait 10 minutes more.

    I had coffee, it was served without milk. Requested for milk and was informed they ran out of milk.

    Food quality
    Score: 2/5
    Do not expect a Japanese quality meal there. Partner's meal (Grill) arrived cold. The sushi set I ordered didn't feel fresh.

    Might have got a similar or better food quality if I visit a Sushi Bar (i.e Sake Sushi)

    In Summary
    Score: 2/5
    Paid RM150 for a dinner for 2 person. The service & food quality was disappointing. Definitely not a place to bring your girlfriend / boyfriend or a business partner if you want to impress somebody. Worse, it may just turn out to be an embarrassment...

    Will I recommend a friend or return to eat?

  11. danny: yikes! sorry to hear about your bad experience here...