Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pei Zing

A satisfactory lunch during a recent day trip to my hometown of Malacca.

Steamed frog with essence of chicken in lotus leaf. Bony, of course, but tender. We lapped up the broth, which truly tasted like chicken soup for the soul.

Crispy pork knuckle. Yummy, though the portion was puny for 25 ringgit.

Bean curd with scallops & broccoli. Tasted healthy, but not bland. Hurray!

Steamed chicken with Chinese sausage. Delightfully aromatic; sparks of gastronomic synergy flew between the sweet 'lap cheong' & the chunky chicken.

Baked prawns with glass noodles. Hearty and well-executed; no complaints.

Pei Zing,
Taman Melaka Raya, Melaka.


  1. Woots! A blog post frm yr hometown ;)

  2. Baked prawns with glass noodles! I love the sound and look of it! It seems that many are going to malacca now!

  3. Tng: oh ya, there might be a few more occasionally this year! =)
    Michelle: yep, it's worth trying if you enjoy noodles! I'm making a few visits to malacca nowadays for family reasons; this was actually my first time returning in nearly two years! Phew!

  4. cant wait to dig into such hearty chinese fare nxt wk!

  5. awww. have u tried nadeje, have you? :)

  6. Oh my. Hometown fare. Sniffs sniffs. :)

  7. Me likey the scallop dish... actually I like anything with scallops :D

  8. wah you're scouting food in melaka! that's very nice and the baked prawns with glass noodles looked very appetising.

  9. joe: sounds like a chinese restaurant will be your first stop in kl! :D
    augustdiners: nopes, still haven't managed to! someday, i hope =)
    lfb: noooooooo, don't get all teary-eyed now! it doesn't become you! :D
    baby sumo: oh yeah, especially scallops that are plump and juicy! =)
    eiling: yup, eating out in malacca is nice! food is cheaper than kl (even though i only manage to visit chinese restaurants in malacca, heheh) :D

  10. wow from your pics, everything seems yummy here

  11. babe_kl: oh yeah, it all turned out to be tastier than expected! :D