Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Last Polka

The Last Polka's sweet treats are now available across the Klang Valley, at The Bee in Jaya One, Marmalade in Mont Kiara and Bangsar Village, as well as Taylor's Lakeside Campus _ making it more convenient for all of us to savor their super-smooth Guinness-flavored ice cream.

White coffee & green tea. Convenient cups for dine-in and takeaway.

Horlicks & teh tarik. Everything tastes exactly as advertised.

Our favorites are the milkiest flavors _ malt & peanut butter, as well as Nutella.

The Last Polka @ Marmalade,
Bangsar Village.


  1. is this in pint ? or the small cup size ? how much r this selling for ?

  2. Guinness ice cream! I want! I don't drink but alcohol in my desserts? Bring it on!!!!

  3. wow... wonderful flavours. I would really love a guinness ice cream right now!

  4. june: oh, the ones sold here were small cups, but u can also purchase larger sizes. price info on =)
    michelle: heheh, i would have liked it if the booze flavor had been even stronger! hic! :D
    eiling: yep, hopefully they'll eventually introduce other alcohol flavors. kahlua, armagnac, etc =)

  5. I've made my own creamy Guinness ice-cream, I wonder how does their fare against mine :p

  6. babe_kl: i'm betting that yours is really yummy as well! really :D

  7. Hi... possible to deliver it out of KL? like Penang?

  8. Cece: hmm I'm not sure. Best to check