Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cafe Vienna @ KLCC

Cafe Vienna has opened its second outlet, bringing more culinary variety to KLCC.
Earlier entry on Cafe Vienna @ Lot 10: Nov. 9, 2010.

Bohnensuppe, a German broth that's rustic, thick and chunky, brimming with cannellini beans and slow-cooked with turkey ham, carrots, potatoes & paprika. Served with garlic bread, this soup is both hearty and healthy-tasting.

Frikadellen. Pan-fried beef dumplings with potato salad, gherkins & mustard. Popular particularly in Denmark, this essentially tastes like mushy burger patties. Comfort food for carnivores who might feel too lazy to do much chewing.

Frittatensuppe. Strips of fluffy pancake mingling with a vegetable soup that's reminiscent of Italian minestrone, with the tangy touch of tomatoes.

Balkan meat pie with sour cream. Not bad at all; the baked filo pastry is warm and flaky _ not too dry or greasy. Nicely packed with a moreish mix of minced beef, onions, garlic & herbs.

Black truffle fettuccine. A competently prepared mound of carbs, with a fair portion of truffle shavings, but somehow lacking in a rich, heady aroma to make us swoon.

Spanakopita with spinach & ricotta cheese, served with Greek salad. Crisp outside, creamy and savory within; a fine finish to this European gastronomic expedition.

A RM100 bottle of Astica Merlot-Malbec (Argentina, 2007) complemented the food.

Cafe Vienna,
Suria KLCC.


  1. Nice! I thought the food I had at the Lot 10 outlet wasnt too bad. Good that they expanded. Not many places for Austrian food rite?

  2. tng: ya, many the dishes offered here are kinda unusual. and y'know, there are not that many outlets INSIDE klcc that serve booze, so this is definitely a welcome addition! :D

  3. no swooning over truffle scent?! chis.. lousy la. I just went back to spasso. the black truffle mushroom soup to die for man. talk about truffle aroma overload. very nice!

  4. Ciki: ah, but if you focus on the positive, the five other dishes here were delicious! It's actually easy to get a strong truffle aroma ... Put in lotsa truffle oil! Glad you like Spasso; it's been four months since my last visit there! :D

  5. michelle: quite an impressive range! got austrian, german, danish, greek, italian. and all of them executed reasonably well :D

  6. what was the outlet before this? The location looks familiar

  7. eiling: hmmm, i don't think it was a restaurant. maybe a furniture or clothes shop or something, heheh :D

  8. Didn't try the main meals here, but tried the dessert and coffee. Don't. Creme brulee was cold in the middle, and coffee not great. I mean if you're going to reheat something, at least do that properly. And given it wasn't that busy at the time, service was very inattentive.

  9. Orangebuddha: ahh, sounds like it could have been a better experience...