Thursday, December 8, 2011

La Vie En Rose

La Vie En Rose: Round Four. Earlier entries: Nov. 14, Nov. 15 & Nov. 23.

One of our favorite things about returning here is sampling a different amuse bouche each time. You never know what you'll get, but it'll likely be something special that tastes terrific _ perhaps prawns cooked with pastis, an anise-flavored liquor...

... or prawn tartare with Chantilly cream. Delightfully delicate yet delectably decadent.

Or even salmon rillettes, topped with grapefruit jelly. A fish-&-fruit pairing that succeeds as a savory-&-sweet treat.

Now for a trio of soups. Here's warm, nourishing comfort in a bowl: cepes mushroom broth with grilled duck ham & truffle whipped cream.

Traditional French fish soup with parmesan crackers & potato garlic mayonnaise. La Vie En Rose is perched on a slope overlooking Jalan Raja Chulan's traffic crawl, but customers who sip this briny broth might feel magically transported to Marseille.

Asparagus veloute with chive Chantilly, filled with springtime's flavor.

Next up, a menagerie of meat, kicking off with duck leg confit accompanied by herb mashed potatoes. Less super-salty compared to versions elsewhere, though still super-succulent.

Not the most tender rib eye beef steak (some might call this chewy), but everything else on the plate saves the day _ the sinfully rich Bordelaise sauce & melt-in-the-mouth roast bone marrow.

Coq au vin. This chicken also feels slightly tougher than expected, but maybe that's because this classic stew is sometimes made using more mature birds to produce a more sumptuous sauce. However, La Vie En Rose's limitations as a pork-free outlet means no bacon or lardons in this.

Herb-crusted roasted baby lamb shank. Won't nitpick about this: the juiciest red meat possible, paired perfectly with milky mashed potatoes.

Lemon tart, tangy & fairly fresh-tasting.

Cardinal (red wine, creme de cassis) & Eiffel Tower (champagne, Grand Marnier).

Dessert wine, to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Macallan 12 & 15-year. Whiskey in lieu of wine; why not, right?

La Vie En Rose @ Raja Chulan,
39, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2078-3883


  1. This was over 3 visits? (since there were 3 different amuse bouches?)

  2. Baby Sumo: yeps, three different trips. if anyone wants to murder me, they should start looking for me at la vie en rose, heh :D

  3. Time to plan an assassination...hmmmm...poison d liquor or the amuse bouche?...hehe :P

    Btw meats looks good :)

  4. Lovely..KL dining scene is looking really promising now

  5. now. some of that fish soup please .:)

  6. the baby lamb shank looks perfect:D and i must say the duck confit is super inviting.

  7. Wow..looks yummy. But how's the ambiance like? It looks a lil under decorated from the pic...

  8. A menagerie of meat? Well, certainly no one would accuse you of being a salad man.

    I wonder, of all the places you've visited in 2011, which one have you returned to the most? La Vie? Ten? Hanare? Acme? Hmm...

  9. Whoa! I can hear crickets singing in the last three photos :p :p kidding...

    Hmmmm, Sean, to be honest, at this very moment and second, I am too full to be mouth watering looking at those photos of beautiful and sexy ducks. hehehehe

    And, btw, the first photo of the soup, when I saw it, I was like "why did he take a photo of finished dishes?" until I realized they were not finished :p :p

  10. Ulric: heh, poison the wine, since i'll be drinking gallons of it :D
    TNG: and i'm glad that an outlet like la vie en rose has opened pretty near my office! =)
    Michelle: heheh, i enjoyed the soup too! :D

  11. Missyblurkit: yeah, they take their meat seriously here! the number of beef dishes is more than the seafood dishes! :D
    Lifestylekl: oh yeps, it's still a work in progress! hopefully within a few months, it'll look complete =)

  12. Kenny: ooo, i can't be a salad man, cos my salad days are long over! :P hmmm, all those places you named would definitely be in the top 10, but i have a hunch that i was at bistro a table the most! :D
    Rad: heheh, yeah, i tried to take photos only after everyone had left! :D heheh, and it's OK, it's good to hear that you're stuffed & satisfied with food today, heh =)

  13. Hehe. Im pretty full still but wouldn't mind one of those ducks right now :p

  14. this must have been the new menu as they told me they are changing the menu when I was there last week

  15. Rad: yeah, between duck & chicken, i'll still take duck! :D
    Eiling: oooh, this was still from the original menu. am crossing my fingers there'll be additions soon =)

  16. Thanks for this entry! Do you think being pork free has a negative impact on diner's experience in LVER's case? I look forward to my next meal here.

  17. Ng: i think it'd be an even better experience with pork, but no, even without pork, you can still have a satisfyingly authentic and absolutely delicious meal here =)

  18. hey just wondering, so its not halal?

  19. Natasha: the restaurant doesn't have a halal certification partly because it serves wine, but no pork is served here :)