Eat Drink KL: LVER Chulan & LDG Bangsar

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

LVER Chulan & LDG Bangsar

In which we return to La Vie En Rose @ Raja Chulan for more French savories & head also to Les Deux Garcons @ Bangsar for French sweets.
Earlier entry on LVER: November 14.

La Vie En Rose's long list of starters is suffused with seductive creations, such as salmon pate topped with Champagne jelly & red berries (RM26++). A pairing of opposites can work wonders; here, the jelly supplies a supple lightness to pierce through the salmon's cloying mushiness.

Foie gras mousse (RM28++). The most sinful spread of all; break the caramelized top of this creme brulee-like mousse & slather some on the brioche. Buttery, savory bliss.

Mama Paulette's gratinated French onion soup with AOC Abondance cheese & sourdough bread (RM26++). Credited to Chef Jean Michel Fraisse's mother, this feels like rustic, home-cooked comfort food, nourishing for both body & soul. Any family would be blessed to be fed this.

For a sweet finish, try the Peach Melba (RM22++); this chilled confection was concocted in Europe 120 years ago, but it's perfect for muggy Malaysian nights.

Profiteroles with chocolate & caramel sauce (RM22++). As good as it looks.

Can't get enough of French desserts? Sugar specialists Les Deux Garcons have launched a new branch in Bangsar, selling their much-coveted range of cakes & macarons.

Truffle macarons might be Les Deux Garcons' trademark, imbued with an unearthly earthiness. Don't eat them immediately after buying; the thick ganache needs a couple of hours out of the chiller before it turns soft enough to fully savor.

Other varieties include Earl Grey, wasabi, sesame, caramel, mango, cassis, rose, pistachio, raspberry & dark choc. Creamier than expected (some might prefer it like this, others won't), but prices are similar enough to most top-flight macarons in KL.

Macaron haters, try the truffle-rific "Le Palladio" (RM22) _ a crisp almond tart layered with joconde sponge cake, vanilla ganache & white truffle mascarpone. Amid this Alba truffle season, here's one way to get our fix without breaking the bank.

Le Duchesse (RM14). For the closeted tea lover in us: Earl Grey biscuit, luxuriously topped with the silkiest Earl Grey mousseline & milk chocolate ganache.

Les Deux Garcons opens daily; business hours are between 1 pm through 8 pm for now.

Wrapping up with more shots of La Vie En Rose.

La Vie En Rose,
39, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2078-3883

Les Deux Garcons Patisserie,
36, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2284-7833


  1. i don't think i know any macaron haters! do you?

  2. Nice to hv a sneak peek of both outlets...must visit both soon.

  3. Why would ppl hate macarons? :)

  4. Mmm... Is this pairing of reviews gonna be a regular feature from now on? It sorta works rather well and I imagine half the fun is in the selection/pairing process, no?

    You might want to skip acronym-ing some of these places though - I saw "LIVER Chulan" in my RSS feed by mistake before I did a double take. :P

  5. Oh yeah, do u know if the lunch menu is the same as the dinner?

  6. Aiiyoh... Les Deux Garcons is so good.. i can only drool before i chuck back another one of their macaron. (I know.. so uncouth so unfrench, but then, neither are they! hehe)

  7. i agree with Kenny mah, I thought you went to get a liver transplant on chulan. very disturbing. :P

  8. Michelle: i have a friend who says all the macarons she has ever tasted are way too sweet! but i like macarons, so i disagree, heheh :D
    Kaki Makan: i hope you enjoy them as much as i did! =)

  9. Baby Sumo: heheh, well, i hate cempedak & nangka as far as fruits are concerned, and some friends say i'm crazy for that :D
    Kenny: you read my mind! i'll have a few more review pairings this month, but i'll try not to make it too frequent. these review pairings are long and painful to write and read! :D heheh, i would have expected you to misread it as LOVER Chulan!

  10. Baby Sumo (Part II): i think la vie en rose is not serving lunch so far (but they will soon, maybe by next month). eventually the lunch and dinner menus should be similar. for now, they have brunch on sundays, but it'll be simple starters, egg dishes, tarts, etc.
    Ciki: heheh, my friend and i managed to finish 18 macarons in one evening! so yeah, we totally agree with you that they're good =) liver transplant in chulan? heaven forbid! :D

  11. wow the desserts melt my heart! all are so awesome :) would love to try on special occasions

  12. fish: heheh, yeah, they're beautiful to look at and lovely to eat! :D

  13. De names juz Gets harder to pronounce! I wan to sink my teeth to those French macarons like.. Now!!

  14. augustdiners: heheh, yeah, i think i know how to pronounce 'la vie en rose' (thanks to the famous song), but i don't think i'm able to say 'les deux garcons' accurately :D

  15. Jean Michel Fraisse is a genius. I love his food and love his classes!
    And yes, there are macarons hater - ME!

  16. Rebecca: he seems like a fun & funny guy! maybe i'll get the chance to attend one of his classes someday, heheh :D and heh, i'm not sure if the macarons here will change your mind, though they're really of good quality =)

  17. Garcons just remind me of a brand Comme des Garçons. Went to check out on Monday. I think people who hate Macarons is due to the sweetness. I found that Les Deux Garcons Macarons sweetness level is quite low. But this also depends on individual sweetness level. For me I still prefer Nathalie's Macaron. Their cakes not bad too. Good to drop by to have a cup of coffee with slice of cake.

  18. Adrian: yeah, it's interesting the the macarons at Les Deux Garcons are actually discernibly different from Nathalie's, both in flavor & texture. though i found that Les Deux Garcons' ones really need to brought down to room temperature before they can be really enjoyed at their best. yeah, the cakes seem undeniably good, though we couldn't sit for coffee cos all the tables were taken! heh :D

  19. the macarons just looked so tempting eventhough they have the same colour except the different fillings. Yummy

  20. eiling: heheh, yeah, the crispy shells all basically seemed the same. the fillings were what made them special :D