Sunday, December 25, 2011

Flavors & Baan 26

Have yourself a merry little turkey...

The festive buffet at Swiss-Garden's Flavors Restaurant is a fulfilling feast, even though some customers might be driven bonkers because 'Jingle Bells' is played on an endless loop here _ every second, minute & hour.

All the Yuletide essentials are accounted for, from oysters, prawns & mussels on the fresh seafood counter to turkey pot pie, lamb osso bucco, sea bass & scallops in the hot food section.

Roast beef too. A fair spread at RM70++ per adult & half-price for children & senior citizens.

A plateful of turkey (dark meat, please), chestnut stuffing (delicious!), giblets & cranberry sauce to help me meet my turkey requirement for 2011.

Much meat & various veggies build a balanced meal to make the spirits bright. Quality-wise, it's not top-flight though _ the duck confit with orange zest might seem leathery & overcooked.

Log cakes, stollen, puddings, fruit cakes _ enough desserts to make every belly as bounteous as Santa's. Service at Flavors is reasonably attentive & efficient, with used plates regularly cleared & empty glasses of water replenished.

If the evening is young & there's no hurry to head home to make sure the kids are fast asleep, then take a 10-minute drive to Changkat Bukit Bintang for a nightcap.

Many know Changkat's Baan 26 Restaurant for its tasty Thai food, but the Thai-inspired cocktails here are equally enjoyable: Tuk Tuk (pandan vodka, bacardi, lychee juice) & Pandan Fantasy (pandan vodka, malibu, gin, midori, apple juice).

Thai's Land (red wine, vodka, orange juice) & Monsoon Red Alert (tom yam vodka, malibu, watermelon, lychee).

Kiwi Vodka Caipiroska & Golden Triangle (that's what the receipt says it was, but we've forgotten what it contains _ blame that on the booze!).

Flavors Restaurant,
Swiss-Garden Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Baan 26,
Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Merry Christmas to you Sean :)

    I see you've managed to eat some turkey before Christmas :)

  2. Baby Sumo: thanks, Yen, I hope you and your family have a happy celebration together too =) heh, and yeah, I think this will be my only turkey this Christmas. All turkeyed out now (and that's a good thing!) :D

  3. Haha...u managed to snag a whole lot of turkey after all =)

    Merry Xmas n a Happy New Year to u! :D

  4. Ulric: heh, yeah, and luckily it was pretty good turkey! :D hope you have a very good final week of 2011, and seeya in 2012! :D
    Timing: thanks! Hope you're having a nice & safe celebration down south! =)

  5. Joy to you, love to you, everything good to you this season. Have a blessed Christmas Sean!

  6. Glad you mentioned the background jingles as I'm quite sensitive to noise. I guess it's one way to make sure you don't linger - eat your meal and make space for the next table. Merry Christmas!

  7. merry christmas! turkey - yes dark meat please!

    Baan 26 kinda reminds me of baan kalim in phuket. aaargh. i need to phuket again!

  8. Babe_KL: thanks! i hope you and Captain Hook & Boi Boi will enjoy your time together and have a safe, happy celebration as well :D
    The Yum List: merry christmas to you too! heh, i think the waiters here would probably also be driven nuts by the repetitive music =)
    Missyblurkit: oops, i've not been to phuket yet. but yeah, baan 26 does have a backpackers' feel to it! :D

  9. yeah changkat BB is always a good place for a night cap. I particularly like whisky bar for an aperitif.

  10. Eiling: ya, whiskey bar is a cool place, though I'm not able to appreciate whiskey :D

  11. I think CK and I have sworn off turkey after that last Über-Turkey-Feast you brought us too. Hehe.

    Merry Christmas, Sean - many thanks for all the great eats and conversations in 2011. Have a bigger, better, smashier 2012! :D

  12. Merry Christmas! Mr. holy rabbit!
    We didn't have any Christmas meal this year, sob sob. :P

  13. Kenny: I wonder what specialties Turkey Point served for Christmas and Thanksgiving! Perhaps we should have asked them, heheh :D here's wishing all of us a 2012 that's better than 2011 was! Looking forward to seeing what twists you'll take on the road of life next year. Keep inspiring us! :D
    CK: merry christmas, Mr Devil! (still another 140 minutes of Christmas left) ... And it's ok, it'll be Chinese new year soon, and you can have many Chinese new year dinners, heheh :D

  14. Oh finally the turkey! :D

    But at the most unlikely places really, a buffet in a hotel in Pudu :P

  15. Rebecca: heheh, it turned out to be the cheapest buffet in town to find a turkey! :D

  16. Yay! Finally you had your turkey for Christmas!! :)

  17. Iamthewitch: just in time! now waiting for 'yee sang' next :D