Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tamarind Springs

Still a notch above many of the Klang Valley's other Thai & Indochinese restaurants, thanks to a fantastic setting & a food selection that are both one-of-a-kind.

Spicy duck salad, an amuse bouche that might succeed as a succulent main course.

Khmer salad of thinly sliced cured beef with lime dressing. This luscious Cambodian carpaccio boasts enticingly zesty flavors, brilliant for whetting the appetite.

Laotian chicken curry with wild bananas, illustrating the restaurant's keen use of interesting ingredients to transform its recipes into something less ordinary.

Andaman tuna with wild ginger sauce. Is this Cambodian? Laotian? Vietnamese? We couldn't tell (though we'd probably rule out Vietnamese).

Vietnamese duck egg omelet with eggplant. Maybe there was a psychological effect, but this seemed creamier than a regular chicken egg omelet.

Laotian coconut milk soup of watermelon & seafood. A less fiery version of tom yam soup, but with the bonus of crunchy, subtly sweet watermelon.

Khmer stir-fried pumpkins with prawns. As sumptuous as it sounds.

Dragon fruit with rum & raisin ice cream, for a refreshing, chilled-out finish.

Pan-fried bananas with coconut milk & sesame seeds. Quintessentially Asian.

Cocktails: Ballistic Basil Martini (gin, fresh basil, apple juice, ginger syrup) & Pandan Pina Colada (bacardi rum, pandan syrup, coconut milk, pineapple juice).

Dessert cocktails: Black Forest (vodka, xeres vinegar, dark cacao, cherry, morello, baileys) & Apricot Cider (bourbon, apple cider vinegar reduction, cinnamon, apricot compote, mint syrup).

Wine is available by the glass, carafe & bottle, but prices can be prohibitive.

Tamarind Springs,
Taman TAR, Ampang.

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  1. The spoon used to serve the spicy duck salad looks so rustic!

  2. Baby sumo: ooo, u're right! I didn't notice that. Looks like could almost be a family heirloom, heh =)

  3. Oh it's hard now to pick one of those dishes as I'm super full... But I would love the ice cream.... Love the rum in it and dragon fruit is one of my fave fruit.

    Takeaway for me please! :p

  4. Rad: heheh, you have good taste! But you're always super-full these days, it's scary! :D I wish these restaurants had delivery service. lazy to drive to dinner sometimes =)

  5. Ehhehe you *can* actually deliver me to those restaurants and bring you the dishes. :p

  6. Rad: that could happen sometime ... maybe in the not-too-distant future! who knows what will happen =)

  7. Rad: hopefully heaven will hear your prayer! =)

  8. Omg yes to that! Amen for all of my other good wishes then!

  9. I agree with the duck egg part! They make dishes taste better - I'm looking at you Char Kway Teow! HAHA Hmm.. it's interesting to see bananas in both the savoury and sweet dishes!

  10. The Vietnamese duck egg omelet with eggplant does look creamier from here :)

    I expect prices to be a bit expensive here? :(

  11. Rad: ok, I'll say amen for you too! =)
    Vien: you're right, I didn't notice until you mentioned it that there were bananas in both the savory & sweet dishes! Heheh, fruits are versatile! :D
    Ulric: oh yeah, prices here are scary. I'd recommend budgeting RM100 per person for a full meal...

  12. Tats count it out for me...rather have a steak at Ril's :D

  13. The cocktails are certainly interesting

  14. Ulric: heh, yeah, maybe save this for a special occasion...
    Michelle: oh yeah, they seem to put as much effort into the cocktails as the cuisine :D

  15. This is my fav place in KL for ambience. I've had great food here, but also some not so great dishes. You can't beat the green jungle feel though. It's a hot spot to take visitors.

  16. The Yum List: you're right, sometimes the dishes here sound really promising on the menu, but they fail to wow. and yeah, i think most visitors here will remember the ambiance more than the food! :D

  17. yeah I've heard so much about this restaurant but too bad I haven't have a go at it yet.

  18. Eiling: yeah, head here someday if you're looking for a nice in-the-jungle ambiance :D