Thursday, May 26, 2011

Four Seas

Less than one year after opening, Four Seas has completely overhauled its concept and menu, transforming from a seafood restaurant into a Chinese one.
Earlier entries on the original Four Seas: August 4, 2010; August 6 & August 27.

One result of the revamp is that Four Seas is no longer pork-free, so customers can now savor sumptuous non-halal favorites such as pork neck "koo loh yoke."

Pork belly in Marmite honey sauce. Irresistibly crisp, with sweet-savory notes.

Wuxi-style braised pork ribs. Heart-stoppingly succulent.

Seafood remains available, of course, in Chinese recipes such as "sang har meen." Beware though: this isn't the version that's beloved at outlets in Imbi and SS2. Not bad, nevertheless, with delicate strands of yee mee that soaked up the prawny pungency, though the crustaceans themselves would be better if they held some roe.

Sri Lankan crabs, plucked live from the aquarium and braised with salted egg yolk. Pretty pricey at over RM100 per kilo. But the reality is, we'd be hard-pressed to find fleshier, more flavorsome crustaceans elsewhere in Bangsar. Perfectly prepared.

Monumentally juicy duck meat, endowed with a rich smokiness that lingers on the tongue. Not exactly traditional Chinese, but why nitpick, right?

Claypot chicken. This combination of tender braised chicken, fragrant coconut gravy & hearty chunks of warm, soft yam is a match made in culinary heaven.

Fried rice with Chinese sausages, prawns & tobiko. Sounded interesting on the menu, but tasted rather forgettable, with not much 'wok hei.'

Chilled fruit jellies make for an excellent ending _ an unusually aromatic dessert , perfumed with bits of barley, lemongrass, mint leaves & water chestnuts for a fun interplay of tastes and textures.

Cocktails in a Chinese restaurant? Coolness! Four Seas Orgasm (baileys, amaretto, kahlua, milk) & Lychee Martini (vodka, lime, lychee liquor).

Eyespy Cabernet Merlot (Australia), available by the glass.

A crisp French Hugel Riesling, the perfect partner for much of the food.

Service is exemplary and the setting is as lovely as ever (but not lively).

Four Seas,
Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. I need that Four Seas Orgasm! LOL

  2. Bangsar-babe: it sure is a sexy cocktail! :D

  3. Can't wait fr my review session! heard that the fish head noodles is good too!
    My god, hw did u finish all tht??

  4. How on earth, how, did you finish all that food? Just the two of you summore. *faint*

    Food looks scrumptious though. So hooray for that. :)

  5. tng: oooh, there's fish head noodles available here?! i didn't notice it on the menu! i wonder if it's the milky-broth type that i enjoy :D
    lfb: actually hor, i had to finish that entire crab by myself, cos my friend never eats crabs. and i know i've said that i'm not a fan of crabs, but when i saw this one swimming in the restaurant's aquarium, i had to have it! heheh :D

  6. Pork... offering a second lease of life to restaurants the city over! :-)

  7. min: y'know, i've been reading in the papers about authorities trying to crack down on the sale of "rubbish pork" _ substandard, potentially health-threatening meat that's illegally slaughtered and sold. i think it's safe to say there's no "rubbish pork" at four seas =)

  8. michelle: yep, there's nearly an entire page on the menu now that's completely dedicated to pork!

  9. You finished the entire crab yourself?? Now Devil, Diva and I know who to call to make up the fourth kaki to do the crabs. :D

  10. I certainly wouldn't think of the place as serving chinese food from looking at the decor! So classy and erm, western? But I'm most attracted to the smoked duck!! YUM!

  11. nice food here. i think it's worth a try...

  12. Do we have a crabby date here soon, hehe?!

  13. lfb: yay! and we can make diva peel the crabs for the rest of us, yes. my fingers are not so nimble :D
    iamthewitch: heheh, ya, it's a nice change from the tai thong and oriental group decor. not so big and banquet-style here =)
    eiling: yep, it's nice that all the outlets on jalan bangkung serve different kinds of food! :D
    pureglutton: gosh, we were supposed to have a date in february! arghh, sorry, it's nearly june now! must try to arrange something before 2011 comes to an end! =)

  14. Haha, you're asking a diva, THE Diva, to peel crabs for us? You go ask while we run for shelter when she opens her can of whoop-ass and finger-shakin' on ya. :P

  15. taiping kaki: yep, worth a visit, definitely =)
    lfb: i'm sure she won't mind lah. you can easily remind her that it's genetically encoded in her psyche, since a woman's traditional role is to prepare food and serve it to men wat :D

  16. lfb: where got. misogynist would only be if i suggested she also spoon-feed us while we recline on comfy couches. though come to think of it, that's not a bad idea either :D

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