Sunday, May 1, 2011


This charming restaurant's heyday has probably passed, but it remains a worthwhile visit, serving mainly Spanish specialties in a calm setting with convivial service.

The tapas selection is solid and fairly priced. Everything seems well-prepared, including these succulent and savory garlic prawns.

Spinach with pine nuts. Grease-free greens for guiltless (but delicious) dining.

Braised oxtail. Tender and rich-tasting enough to elevate it above the bony, chewy oxtail found at many other eateries.

Fried feta cheese. A piping-hot pleasure; crisp on the outside, creamy within.

Mushrooms. Appetizingly aromatic.

Caesar salad. Crunchy leaves and a luscious yolk, mingling beautifully with a light dressing.

Seafood paella. Not bad, but not outstanding; lots of seafood in this, though it could all be fresher. Also, the rice might benefit from a stronger infusion of saffron.

Snow White cheese cake for a fairy-tale finale, luxuriously moist and smooth.

Bread-&-butter pudding. A mammoth treat, ideal for carb-loading.

Red wine sangria...

...and white wine sangria too! Delectably intoxicating.

Plaza Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Not sure if it's cos of the camera angle, but the paella looks to have more seafood than rice! Yum yum :D

  2. timing: oh yeah, the photo doesn't lie, heheh. lotsa prawns, squid, scallops, mussels & clams there (though one or two of the clams tasted a bit past their expiry date)! :D

  3. I love tapas, where in KL would you say is the best place for it?

  4. Baby sumo: I think el meson at jalan telawi does really good, porky ones. pretty authentic stuff too, since they've got a chef from Spain =)
    Michelle: ya, only two tables occupied on a Thursday evening. It used to be livelier back when there was less competition in kl's restaurant scene...

  5. Oh my. The deep fried feta sounds divine! Probably a million calories but so what, right? :)

  6. J: yaaaa, that recipe is pure evilllllll! Summore when u combine it with all the alkie, it probably becomes a TRILLION-calorie meal! Sobbbbsss :D

  7. Mushrooms! Paella! Runny egg yolk! Happy happy joy joy... :)

    Somehow paella seems better when one actually has it in Spain though. Dunchathink so?

  8. lfb: it must be the strange energy that courses through the very air in europe ... it bewitches our senses and makes the humblest spaghetti vongole in venice taste like the culinary equivalent of a da vinci! :D

  9. hAHA, did i read u bemoaning calories? Tsk tsk Sean, i doubt u worry bt such things ;p
    Same mgmt as Starhill's Sentidos Tapas. Frm yr description, tis looks mighty worthy of a visit. true like you said, too many new joints the old ones like this gets forgotten

  10. the paella doesn't look quite right. I like the seafood to be immersed in the rice but this looked like the seafood is added after the rice is cooked.

  11. tng: yaaa , i'd like to revisit sentidos tapas one of these days too, cos i remember enjoying some of the stuff there. and yeah, spanish food is all about calories! red meat, rice and rich gravies, heheh :D
    eiling: hmmm, you might be right! the rice was kinda bland, and the grains they used might not have been top-notch either...

  12. LOL on Timing's comment! Cannot say that I minded hor, since seafood was my main interest, but could have done with more Saffron. My, you are FAST!!!

  13. Ciki: too bad they ran out of the escargot paella that was also listed on the menu! That would have been a love-it-or-hate-it dish (I figure I'd love it, heheh) :D