Thursday, May 5, 2011

Haute Food Co

Be prepared to fight for a table at Haute on Saturday afternoons, when the crowds linger long after lunch and nibble on sweet teatime treats.

Haute's traditional English scones have become near-legendary; by the end of the business day, none might be left on the counter.

Sticky date pudding with ice cream. Aromatically laced with ginger & raisins.

The Haute Food Co,
Plaza Damas.


  1. I really like their sticky date pudding. Scones, have had better.

  2. lemongrass: that sticky date pudding got an honorable mention as one of kl's best desserts in a recent issue of time out! :D

  3. hey this place looks like it's in australia or something!

  4. Eiling: oooh that's what lots of people say! I guess it must be true (I've only been to Adelaide and Sydney, but not to Melbourne, which seems to have more of a cafe culture)...

  5. I like the fact we can try new cakes almost every time we head there. And yes... nothing like a late lunch (their sandwiches are yummy!) followed by some cakes and coffee. That's the life lah! :)

  6. lfb: ya, but i wish that one of these days, i could actually get a table at the air-conditioned area INSIDE the shop! it's always so packed, and we're stuck sitting outside, hehe :D