Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Elephant @ Hartamas

After more than three years of brisk business at Section 17, My Elephant recently opened a second Aladdin's cave of Thai cuisine in another suburban neighborhood.

This branch's menu seems slightly wider, but we stuck to our longtime Elephant favorites. The duck curry with lychee & dragon fruit was as addictive as always _ a creamy concoction anchored by bountiful slices of tender meat.

Salt-baked fish, boasting marvelously moist flesh. My Elephant's prices have remained remarkably reasonable over the years _ a boon in this era of soaring costs.

White Thai kangkung with chicken & prawns. Ferociously spicy.

Plenty of rice, potentially sufficient to spur someone to spend hours on the treadmill.

One complaint: no wine is available so far, only beer.

Bookings are essential; the place is packed even on weeknights.

The crowds only leave after 10pm, once the kitchen is closed.

My Elephant,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 8, Taman Sri Hartamas.
Tel: 010-220-1283


  1. Gotta love their duck curry. Now if only they'd open a branch in Taman Desa... ;)

  2. What rice is that? brown? white?

  3. lfb: or sri petaling! my neighborhood needs decent eateries more desperately than yours (we don't even have a wine/sake/cocktail-serving outlet at sri petaling! boo hoo!) :D
    michelle: oops, i guess it's brown ... or maybe unpolished. looks healthier than regular steamed white rice :D

  4. You oughta consider a move to Taman Desa. The neighbourhood just feels so lived in... and we got the usual boozey outlets too, so you'd be alright. :P

  5. can you bring your own wine there?

  6. Hey I am staying in Sri Petaling also...such a coincidence...hahaha

    Sri Petaling has a more sedate choice of restaurants (sedate = no booze)...hehe

  7. lfb: hey, got meh boozey outlets. we were driving around taman danau desa and it seemed populated purely with kopitiams and casual cafes (except for one kinda dodgy-looking place with tinted windows called cellar pub) :D
    eiling: hmmm, best to call to check! not sure whether the corkage charge might be high =)
    ulric: ya, a coincidence (we might even be in the same apartment block, though that would be too bizarre!) :D ya, i haven't eaten in sri petaling in years! though i'm thinking of trying that japanese outlet maiu one of these days =)

  8. There are a lot of karaoke and drinking pubs lah. Just ask Min, if you don't believe me. We both wonder why there are so many of these... no explanations yet beyond Tamandesarians work hard, then play hard... :P

  9. Maiu...heard it's so-so only :(

    U might wanna try d Familiar Faces Nyonya restaurant though :D

  10. lfb: karaoke joints, filled with hawt japanese white-collar workers getting drunk and pouring out their hearts in song? i wanna gooooo! :D
    ulric: ahhh, maiu's buffets seem quite popular, but yeah, i guess it's probably a typical suburban japanese outlet. i tried familiar faces, fusion haven and al-diafah several years ago. thought they were all decent, but haven't managed to return :D

  11. Hahahaha... Try construction bosses and sleazy mafioso types hanging out with good time girls and belting out showtunes in Hokkien... :D

  12. The seating arrangements looks a tad cramped doesnt it?
    Hey i like ur new profile pic! With you lookin at the menu like that.. nice! ;p

  13. lfb: what?! nooo, that's terrible! ... i don't speak hokkien :D
    tng: yeah, very crowded! not recommended for a quiet evening, heh :D and thanks! the photo was snapped without warning on the spur of the moment =)

  14. okey..about the food...

    love the duck curry, the pandan drink..the brown rice...the pamelo vegetable..not remembering the specific name..but above all..the chicken fritters.....marvellous...