Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Riki-Ya: Round Three. Earlier entries: May 4 & May 5.

Kicking off one of our healthier meals: Hiyashi-style tomatoes _ fleshy, flavorsome ones, sliced into bite-sized pieces and served in all their red, ripened glory.

Mentaiko mania! Intensely savory, but pleasurably so.

Salmon belly sushi. Far from trying to dazzle customers with flamboyant recipes, Riki-Ya hews closely to the fundamentals of Japanese cookery, offering unpretentious recipes that hit the most harmonious culinary notes.

Chutoro (medium-fatty tuna belly). Lip-smackingly luscious.

Eihire. Dried stingray fins, for a chewy, saporous snack.

Charcoal-grilled eringi mushrooms & chicken wing. Smoky succulence.

Simmered radish with seaweed & chicken. Guilt-free in terms of calories and fat, but diabolically delicious nevertheless.

Forgot the name of this fish, but it was moist and meaty enough to recommend. Kinda like a cross between mackerel and pomfret.

Soybean nabe. Bland? Maybe. But this warm, milky broth, abounding with silky bean curd & fibrous veggies, was a testament to how texture can be as crucial as flavor.

Hakutsuru hot sake.

Menara Keck Seng, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2143-3336


  1. Me thinks this & Cocotei is the top Jap so far around? :)

  2. the food looks really minimalist!

  3. Mentaiko mania! Woo-hoo!

    Devil will go crazy about this but I believe he prefers the mentaiko to be spread on top of a hot, toasty Japanese bun... ;)

  4. went there last friday for lunch, was the lone diner, love the place tho!

  5. Hiyashi tomatoes are so delightfully austere! I could pop a few on their own, I really could! On another note, re LFB's comment, mentaiko spread on hot, toasty Japanese bun sounds breathtaking!

  6. Mentaiko served just on its own? Wowwwwzers!

  7. Salmon belly please!! Looked super fresh and shiny! :) And Eihire - I haven't even heard of this before, how do you pronounce it? :P

  8. stingray fins... that's interesting. sorry i've been so busy that I haven't been having time to run through all the yummy food postings!

  9. tng: yeah, this is a good year for new japanese outlets in the city center! hanare, cocotei, riki-ya ... and they're all very different from each other :D
    michelle: heheh ... sublime simplicity! =)
    lfb: ficelle boulangerie serves buns with mentaiko! but from what i noticed, the amount of mentaiko in the bread was rather meager :D
    ky: yeah, that's quite worrying. there are usually only one or two tables occupied during dinnertime too. maybe they're too secluded. hmmmm...

  10. min: when i was much younger, i used to wonder how folks could eat raw tomatoes! but the really good tomatoes are soooooo tasty, aren't they! they shouldn't even be cooked for a moment :D
    baby sumo: heh, i like mentaiko on sushi too! and in salads ... and with mayonnaise on top of scallops!!! =)
    iamthewitch: eeeks, i honestly have no idea! could be "aye-hee-ray" or "eh-higher" or "aye-higher" or "eh-hee-ray" ... yikes, too many possibilities! :D
    eiling: no worries, hope you're enjoying all your traveling! looking forward to your posts on restaurant abroad =)

  11. Looks good. What are the prices like?

    Other than Kin No Mizu, are there any Jap restos tat serve sparkling sake?...addicted to it after taste-testing it in Isetan :)

  12. Meagre would be an understatement... :P

  13. ulric: probably 20-30 percent cheaper than the hotel japanese outlets (iketeru, zipangu, genji, etc). i guess rental is affordable here =) and ya, i think sparkling sake is available at edo ichi in solaris dutamas and senjyu sushi at e@curve. yeah, it's quite a fun drink, though i figure it pairs better with makis instead of "serious" japanese food, heheh :D
    lfb: aiya, you so critical of poor ficelle. it's like kicking a wounded kitten :P

  14. Thanks. The dried stingray fins will definitely go well with sparkling sake :D

  15. ulric: hmmm, interesting pairing! i'll try to remember that, the next time i see both items available on the menu :D