Monday, May 16, 2011


In the beginning, this was MunchHaus, a European bistro. Then two years ago, Chef Max Chin took over the kitchen and turned the place into Max @ Ihaus.

Now, the restaurant has moved in a completely new direction and become Babylon, trafficking in Middle Eastern & Mediterranean fare, with Iraqi cuisine being the highlight.

Both indoor and alfresco courtyard seating are currently available.

They're alive! Choose a fish (or two) from Babylon's aquarium for your meal.

We picked a 1.5-kg trout-like whopper for our supper ...

... served on a platter scarcely 30 minutes later.

Cooked Maskuf-style, the most popular Iraqi way of preparing fish. It's sliced open lengthwise, sprinkled with salt & smoked on an open fire until flaky.

Moist and meaty, but extremely bony. All in all, a fair bargain at RM50 per kg.

Another Iraqi specialty: Tashreeb Lamb, featuring lamb shank in tomato stew with flat bread. Hearty and rustic; supposedly a centuries-old recipe.

Last orders are at midnight, so keep Babylon in mind for late meals in the city.

Jalan Jati, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. which part of kl is this, may i ask?

  2. Went there for lunch last week and going back again this week :P Maybe I will be more adventurous and try the Arabic fares.

  3. You mean, no more Max Ihaus? That was abrupt!

  4. It's been a long time since I was in that area cos the last time I was there it was still Max @Ihaus. Ah well, the food scene in KL changes faster than the traffic lights, as they say... :P

  5. michelle: ahh, it's somewhere near jalan raja chulan and bukit bintang. maybe a five-minute drive from pavilion shopping mall...
    baby sumo: ya, i'm tempted by some of the other items too (especially the lamb moussaka), but they sound rather heavy and filling! :D
    min: yeah, i think after max left to start his place at solaris dutamas, there's been an ownership and management change at ihaus. here's wishing them luck! =)
    lfb: omg, that's the stuff of nightmares: being stuck at a traffic light on jalan ampang and watching an entire restaurant sprout up before the light ever turns green! heheh :D

  6. The stuff of nightmares? I'd imagined for a dedicated KL-centric foodie like you, it'd be a dream come true! :P

  7. lfb: not if it's kl's first durian-dedicated restaurant, serving durian-&-mushroom soup, durian sauce spaghetti & durian-marinated steaks :P

  8. That actually sounds like a durian-aster! :P

  9. OMG - that fish looked pretty scary, LOL! Iraqi exotic!

  10. Lfb: And here I thought you'd call it a durian-anza! this thorny fruit is surely a duri dalam daging in my book :D
    Pureglutton: ya, it'd be interesting to really investigate the differences among the cuisine of various middle eastern countries. surely Iraqi food and Iranian food must have SOME differences, heheh :D

  11. Well, a durian-anza will be lots of the fragrant fruit in the raw, not processed until it's practically unrecognisable... :P

  12. Oh iraqi food? Sounds like I must be heading there soon..
    oh wait, i did say the saem for russian food at S. Dutamas & til today my calendar doesnt look anywhere near being able to fit a russian dinner in :(

  13. lfb: oh, u're such a durian-ista! or should it be durian-iva, heheh :D
    tng: ooh, the russian one is at solaris mont kiara, not dutamas! but ya, i know what you mean. too many places, too little time (and not enough stomach space, heheh) :D

  14. Just went here for their set lunches...great value...

    My friend's Charcoal Grilled Tilapia was huge for a set lunch portion...

    Highly going back to try their lamb dishes and deserts :D

  15. ulric: charcoal-grilled tilapia sounds like something pretty unique for lunch :D too bad my work prevents me from taking weekday lunches; otherwise u might bump into me here someday!

  16. Hahaha...will visit again for their lamb dishes and deserts...gotta take advantage of the 20% discount off their ala-carte menu while it lasts...lunch or dinner to be determined :D

  17. ulric: oh yeah, the food here seems quite reasonably priced, even without a discount. my meal was definitely less than RM100, and it could have easily fed three people =)