Saturday, May 21, 2011


Songket: Round Two. Earlier entry: May 6.

Cucur udang. Remember the cold, soggy and overly oily prawn fritters that we've all bitten into and regretted instantly? The ones here will help banish those monstrous memories.

Fried popiah. Crunchy and competently prepared, but completely forgettable.

Kepak ayam (chicken wings). Get your fingers greasy on this tasty meat.

Tauhu sumbat. Never loved this recipe, probably never will.

Ending our exploration of traditional Malay starters: pegedil (or is it spelled begedil? hmmmm). Comfort food for carb-lovers, at any rate.

Two authentically Malaysian flavors of ice cream: durian & pandan.

For novelty value: durian tiramisu. Thankfully, the distinctive taste of the spiky fruit is obvious without being overwhelming in Songket's desserts.

Chardonnay, served chilled. Wine can be paired with Malay food!

Iced coffee & Mojito (cocktails are cool!).

Pick up complimentary chopsticks wrapped in songket before leaving.

And of course, cultural dance performances take place at 9pm, every night except Sundays.

Songket Restaurant,
Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2161-3062

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  1. Waitaminute... chopsticks with Malay cuisine? :P

  2. I hae hearing abt that durian tiramisu .. :)

  3. Really surprised to see them serving cocktails here :P I aint no fan of tauhu sumbat too.. hehe!

  4. lfb: muhibbah wat! anyways, not sure what else they could have wrapped in that songket for complimentary souvenirs, heheh :D
    tng: it's not too bad, though my absolute favorite durian dessert so far this year is the the cake at hummingbirds! =)
    baby sumo: yaaa, tauhu sumbat just seems so bland. maybe a bit of belacan in it might help. and yeah, we were happy that this place serves booze. guess they're trying to attract the expats working nearby and tourists too :D

  5. I don't really fancy taufu sumbat on its own...Tastes bland.

  6. No fan of tauhu about tauhu bakar? :P

  7. michelle: yeah, and the condiments that came with the one here weren't really appealing anyway :D
    lfb: actually hor, malay food is traditionally eaten with fingers, rite. so maybe they should provide, ermmm, chopped-off fingers wrapped in songket? =)
    ulric: nope, don't really like the cloying prawn paste that's normally spread over tauhu bakar. i guess i'm just totally biased, heh :D

  8. I take it that u r no rojak fan either...hehe...

  9. ulric: haven't had rojak in years! i seriously had to google it to confirm what it looked like. but yeah, you're right ... definitely not a fan =)

  10. Yes LfB...*pengsan* :D

  11. lfb: think of it as finger food! heheh :D
    ulric: oh, you haven't met me personally yet, so you might not know that i'm actually an aspiring cannibal (seriously) =)

  12. Didn't hear great things about this place though..

  13. Ciki: ya, as far as the food is concerned, there are hits and misses (just like bijan, heheh)