Friday, May 13, 2011

Bumbu Bali

Still going strong after several years, with a solid crowd even on weeknights.

Nasi campur is the highlight here, brimming with Balinese goodies like grilled prawns, squid, chicken rendang & sate lilit, alongside lawar kacang (bean salad), rempeyek (anchovy crackers), sambal terasi & sambal matah.

Everything is fresh and tasty, with portions that two light eaters can easily share.

Broken Earth Shiraz (2006). Bumbu Bali offers a small selection of wine, but feel free to bring your own, since the corkage charge is a reasonable RM20 per bottle.

Bumbu Bali,


  1. Oh dear. Seems your My Elephant post is appearing after this newer Bumbu Bali post, sequence-wise. Due to the Blogger mishap yesterday, I assume?

    Doesn't matter - the food looks equally satisfying and fuss-free, the way we like it. :D

  2. lfb: yeah, heheh ... but at least the posts are safe; now gotta wait for the missing comments to reappear (including all of your cocotei gems) :D

  3. Ah surely you jest. I'm certain you're secretly pleased all my nonsensical ramblings have disappeared into the netherverse or sumthin'. :P

  4. the corkage charge is fair. i'll prefer to bring my own wines.

  5. lfb: nay! we must preserve them for posterity! who knows what historical wisdom might be gleaned from your comments by future generations (or an alien species that lands on earth long after the human race has expired) :D
    eiling: yep, most of the time, the corkage charges at other places seem to hover around RM30, so this is slightly cheaper. yay! :D