Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fatty Crabs @ Seputeh

No relation to Taman Megah's long-entrenched Fatty Crab, this casual outlet at Taman Seputeh supplies a fresh alternative to Siu Siu and Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant for customers seeking to satisfy their crustacean cravings.

No fewer than 18 crab recipes are available, from Green Chili Sweet & Sour to Bei Fung Tong Fried Garlic. Our first choice was a conventional one: the creamy salted egg version, irresistible with the restaurant's free flow of fried 'mantao.'

Sea salt-baked 'dong quai' crab, moist and meaty. Fatty Crabs also delivers food daily within a five-kilometer radius, with everything sealed in thermal containers to help these babies arrive satisfyingly hot at your doorstep. Details at www.fattycrabs.com.

Another intriguing concoction: claypot-style shark meat (no worries, no shark fins here, so this seems as morally correct as consuming various other fish). Somewhat similar to Spanish mackerel, swimming in herb-laden soup.

Nyonya prawn otak-otak _ comfortingly soft but not mushy, featuring sweet-savory notes and a gentle spiciness to leave your tongue tingling.

Complimentary dessert: homemade vegan ice cream _ free of milk, sugar & eggs _ with a pleasantly coarse texture and a taste reminiscent of soybeans.

Fatty Crabs,
62-2, Jalan Bukit Raja, Taman Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 1-300-222-100


  1. yums.. i love shark meat ;p
    No mention of price so im assumin it's reasonable?

  2. tng: oh ya, the claypot shark meat is RM28.80++, while the prices for the crabs range between RM40-50 per crab, depending on the cooking style (slightly pricey, but they're fairly big). there's currently an opening promotion of 25 percent off all crab dishes through june 12 =)

  3. Vegan ice cream = soy milk ice cream??

  4. my favorite crab style is salted egg! well actually i like salted egg everything - prawn squid whatever ha ha.

    don't dare to go health checkup cos my cholesterol probably sky-high from all the salted egg & seafood :(

  5. Now why would a place that's serving so much meat (albeit of the seafood variety) make... VEGAN ice-cream? Curious.

    P.S. So near our place. Except we malas makan ketam. :P

  6. looks like a simple and laid back outlet. The prices should be affordable?

  7. Just heard this from @Brother B last night - I was more excited by the proximity than anything but now - 18 crab recipes, free flow fried mantao AND milk-free ice cream?? Just try stop me!

  8. michelle: apparently you can use soy or coconut milk for the ice cream base! :D
    timing: heh, ya, i'm a salted egg addict too. i gotta have them in my glutinous rice dumplings, in my mooncakes, with my teochew porridge, with my nasi kerabu, etc etc :D
    lfb: good question, but i'm ashamed to say i have no answer (cos i forgot to ask!). maybe you and min (see below) can check out the place and ask! :D
    p.s. make a deal with the devil and get him to peel the ketam for you! =)
    eiling: ya, the crabs seem a bit pricier than siu siu and robson heights in this area, but you can still have a good meal for RM40-80 per person :D
    min: and since you're probably more familiar with this neighborhood, you might not get lost trying to find this restaurant (unlike me!). i took a wrong turn and got trapped in the mid valley loop! =)

  9. Min, let's go! Methinks Brother B is heading there tonight (but unfortunately Devil and I have a dinner date at Sanuki).

    P.S. Uhm, he usually does... *makes bashful face* :P

  10. lfb: sanuki? ooo, a blast from the past! that's a name i haven't heard in many moons! though fondly do i recall my meal there (with many eggs and two small bottles of sake) :D
    p.s. yerrr. let's hope you return the favor through some other significant gestures :P

  11. Especially the many eggs. And you've considerably upped your intake of sake since then, yes? :P

    P.S. Heh. I always do... to "satisfaction", as it were. LOL

  12. lfb: the good news is i've not had ANY sake since last week. who says sean can't be the patron saint of sobriety? :D
    p.s. shudder! one can't help wondering if you'd extend those gestures to simply ANYONE who peels your crabs and prawns for you :P

  13. Sake sobriety maybe. Sobriety in general I kinda doubt it. :P

    P.S. No wor. If anyone else, I wouldn't have gone for the crabs in the 1st place methinks. :P

  14. lfb: i've heard of doubting thomases, but doubting kennys are supposed to be a rare breed! :D
    p.s. too bad crabs aren't like prawns. i'm too lazy to peel my prawns, so i'm simply eat them whole, with shell and all (seriously) :D

  15. Rare? I've been told I'm very well-done! :P

    P.S. Shells have nutrition too, I'm sure. Anti-alcohol-effects, maybe? Heh.

  16. I also like to whack my prawns whole (minus d tails)...more vitamins n minerals :D

  17. Waaa...free flow fried mantau and ice cream? I'm so going there! :)

  18. Thanks so much for the review, Sean.So cool... Brian told us just a moment ago that you wrote something great about us.
    Own you big time, Sean. Hope to see you and your group of friends back at FattyCrabs soon :)

    Do let us know in advance so that we can prepare something special for you!


    Franco & Daisy and all of us at FattyCrabs

  19. Another crabby place in Seputeh! Must try this soon :) Anyone for some crab action?

  20. lfb: you've been selling meat off your bones to someone else?! i thought i was supposed to get the first bite! :P
    p.s. let me test that theory with some sake :D
    ulric: oh ya, i don't eat the tails either, heh. but yeah, i've read that the shells contain some antioxidant-rich nutrients. hopefully that offsets the risk of those sharp fragments tearing our stomach lining! :D
    bangsar-babe: ooo, do note though that the mantao is free flow, but the ice cream is one complimentary scoop per customer! :D
    franco: no worries, it was a pleasure! yep, will definitely try to return one of these days. the fish head and stingray dishes on your menu sound very tempting! :D
    pureglutton: oh, i almost forgot to note: fatty crabs is open only for dinner, 530pm-10pm, with last orders at 930pm. so don't head here for lunch! :D

  21. Heh. Someone got both the first bite and the last bite di lor. LOL

    P.S. Why am I not surprised?

  22. lfb: sigh. and they say the first bite is the deepest too :P
    p.s. cos you're old and nothing surprises you anymore? :D

  23. Goodness..i live in seputeh and i didnt realize the place was there! Seen the delivery brochure but havnt given it a try yet. Next time u go again u should give us a buzz =P

  24. adam: sure, i'll drop you a note if i do make plans to revisit. there's definitely still a lot of items left to try here :D

  25. I have made reservation already! Going there this wednesday

  26. kucing: hope u get lotsa finger-lickin-good crabs :D

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  28. Thank you for the post sean.. it is alredi making my mouth watery. Bringing all my staffs there for dinner tomorrow. Take care.