Friday, August 6, 2010

Four Seas @ Bangkung

Another round to check out more of the seafood and desserts here.
Click here for earlier entry on Four Seas (August 4).

Coffin Bay oysters with miso & ginger. Skipping this outlet's oysters is unthinkable. Reasonably priced at RM9.90 each, these are among the best in town.

Charcoal-grilled flower crabs, also fresh from the aquarium. These, on the other hand, seemed costly at about RM150 for two. Had a pleasantly smoky flavor though.
(NB: Four Seas contacted us later to inform us that they had accidentally overcharged us for these. These crabs were actually RM12 per 100 grams, so they should cost less than RM50)

Aussie mussels, cooked with white wine, herbs, braised onions & garlic confit. Nice and juicy, pretty much as expected. The accompaniment of fried mantao was ideal for dipping.

Pan-fried grouper with Israeli cous-cous salad & beurre blanc. Could easily have been a boring fish dish (grouper ... yawn, right?), but turned out to be an excellent ensemble of tastes and textures. A little creativity can go a long way!

Oven-baked whole baby barramundi stuffed with lemon & herbs, buttered asparagus, baby corn & chili oil. A firm, fleshy fish, with a straight-out-of-the-water flavor.

Yin Yang creme brulee (half chocolate, half banana _ both flavors were unmistakably strong). Tantalizing in its uniqueness, though it lacked the caramelized crust that some insist on.

Valrhona chocolate mousse with marmalade, fresh cream & candied basil. Thick but somehow still soft and light; how was that even possible? Desserts here can taste rather rich, so it kinda helps that the portions are pretty petite.

Four Seas Seafood & Grill,
Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar.
Tel: 2092-1222


  1. Hmm, judging from the reviews, this place is really worth the try. :)

  2. quite expensive hor the prices, and just got an email, this restaurant has the same owners as opus, cava and etc.

    they have really dominated the whole st!

  3. Michelle: especially if u like seafood! Though I'm hoping they'll expand their menu eventually to include more varieties of fish
    Joe: email? What email? Heh. But yeah, it's becoming a near-monopoly on this street, huh. But I guess as long as Tea for Two and U Restaurant survive, it won't be all theirs just yet :D

  4. hehe...wonder if they hv a central kitchen for all their restaurants in the street. at least for the desserts, hor.

  5. Lemongrass: hey, that could make sense, economically! Though I guess it might make each outlet feel more impersonal. Cross-ordering between the outlets might also be nice and convenient, but it wouldn't totally work either since leonardo's is all about the pig :D

  6. Had grandiose plans to go for oysters and wine the same day I read your last post but had unwelcome intervention in the form of work deadlines! I was PISSED!

  7. min: yikes, that truly and totally sucks! i hate it too when work intrudes into our sacred leisure time, but i suppose that such is lot of indentured slaves such as us!

  8. how come you haven't been to double tree? LOL

    i was gonna say.. why the oysters looks so funny one the color.. then hor, i saw, Coffin Bay oysters with miso & ginger!!! nais! very nais!

  9. Ciki: patience, dear child, one place at a time :D ya, if u like oysters, then u could plan a decadent lunch here sometime! Convenient location, with no parking problems!

  10. Bth fishes - garoupa & barramudi looks really good.
    If I'm ever here, I'm going for those!
    But 1st..Double Tree! ;p

  11. Tng: the other fish available here are sole and salmon, both of which also sound kinda good! :D

  12. wow RM150 for two flower crabs?!! That's expensive!

  13. the crab looks good but like eiling said its way too expensive!!

  14. eiling: yep, now i'm wondering if they miscalculated somehow!
    cindy: definitely not worth it for RM150. too bad we didn't realize it until later...

  15. Hi Sean,

    Im Johan here, on behalf of Four Seas!First of all, thank you for visiting us and it is a really good review on us, thank you!!!
    Just to let you know that it really had been a mistake on our side regarding the bill after going trough our bills few days after you came and dine in here.
    We have been trying to get you but we do not have any of your contact. Well, now it is a blessing to learn today that you are actually a food bloggie! Fuuuh...what a relief! We were googling for Four Seas' entries so far and we found yours!
    Anyway, back to the crabs, it is really a mistake as two of our delicious flower crab costs not more than RM50! it is RM12 per 100gm and even the fattest crab we have would be around 200-250gm. I am very sorry Sean we have over charged you..please forgive us :)
    So, to make it up to our mistake on your bill, we would love to present you a dining voucher worth RM150 to use at Four Seas on your next visit. If you like, we would be happy to send it over to you as well.
    once again, i am very sorry. And surely no bloody crab should be that expensive! lol.

    How you guys Meena, Mei, and Ei Ling??? No worries, our crab not expensive waannnnn! See yal all soon here. Will arrange soon!!!


  16. johan: thanks very much for contacting me. i do appreciate it. i'll be in touch with you through the restaurant soon regarding the voucher. i've also amended the review to note that the crabs were not so expensive. thanks!

  17. sean: Great! Thanks!! Pls feel free to contact me at 010 5455 332 ya. Take care Sean! :D

  18. meena (lemongrass): great, great idea! we have just recently taught of that as well, having a central kitchen, especially for dessert. i think its pretty crucial, as we know, desserts r equally as important as d main dish n it deserves to be relied on d experts n getting one aint easy :P so havin a central desserts kitchen would ensure all outlets share diffrent great kick-ass desserts!