Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ficelle Boulangerie

Rrarely seek sustenance in this section of the Klang Valley.

Ficelle is under the same management as Levain Boulangerie, so the similarities in the setting and servings are easily explained. This is a smaller venue though, with only outdoor seating.

Turkey ham & egg bun. What's the saying? Delicious for the lips, disastrous for the hips.

Durian custard donut. Die-hard fans of the spiky fruit might scorn this as timid and mild-tasting, though the rest of us will surely savor its creaminess.

Caramel Earl Grey roll. A tasty teatime treat; nothing more, nothing less.

Saku-saku mille-feuille. Most of Ficelle's offerings look undeniably pretty and well-crafted.

Macarons are sold at both Ficelle and Levain, with over a dozen varieties available: hazelnut praline, triple chocolate, lemon, pistachio, macchiato, red bean, green tea, orange, strawberry, blackcurrant, raspberry, passion fruit, jasmine, Ghana dark chocolate & cinnamon.

We'd rate these behind Nathalie's, Babycakes and T Forty Two's, but ahead of Whisk's. They taste fine, with bold, rich flavors. But the texture could be better: what should be crisp isn't crisp enough, while what should be airy falls slightly short of that.

Durian macarons, which cost slightly more than the other flavors. Most of the other macarons are priced at RM3.60 at Levain and RM3.30 at Ficelle.

Blurring the lines between both outlets: Levain's house-made chocolates (not available at Ficelle), packed in beautiful boxes with wide-ranging fillings: cinnamon, coconut, caramel, hazelnut, nougat, pistachio, macchiato, jasmine tea & almond marzipan.

Iced chocolate & cafe latte.

Cafe latte, cappucino & Earl Grey lemon tea.

Earlier entry on Levain: June 12, 2010.

Ficelle Boulangerie & Patisserie,
Jalan 3/109F, Danau Business Center,
Taman Danau Desa, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-7982-2210


  1. No wonder they are so similar!

  2. If your faithful readers were to read between the lines... never mind. :P

    It's near my place, that's for sure.

  3. wow thanks.. i heard about it n been expecting it.. not sure when.. now must go try out if there's any diff from the kl branch.. cheers

  4. Hopefully this is quieter than their KL branch :D

  5. michelle: yep, at this rate, they might decide to open one every year at various neighborhoods! should be interesting :D
    lfb: and ya, parking isn't too bad on weekends, just like you predicted. was afraid we'd have to park one kilometer away and trudge all the way here! hmmmm, wonder whether we drove past your apartment block while heading here =)
    nell: ya, i think if you like the kl branch, you'd probably enjoy the pastries and cakes here too. at least everything tastes freshly made :D
    ulric: it does seem to be quieter on weekends. levain gets 90 percent full during tea time, while ficelle is barely 50 percent occupied (for now!) =)

  6. Well, between my last comment and this one, we headed to Ficele for a couple of quick bites, and yes, we can safely say this is from the same folks who brought Levain B. to the surface.

    One bite was all it took...

    Just. Had. To. Be. Sure. :P

  7. LFB: Hmmmm I cant make out if you like or dont like the place.. haha

    Sean: Do they serve anything other than pastries?

  8. Oh darn..i thought it was some place new. Was makin plans to head there tis comin Wesak. I.GUESS.NOT. then..

  9. lfb: eeeeee, talk about reading between the lines! you've even confused baby sumo! =)
    baby sumo: lfb hates this place like a cat hates water! :D but yeah, they do serve spaghetti and some simple meals, but i'm not too confident about those items, heheh :D
    tng: yaaa, i think this place is convenient for residents along old klang road, but there's no real reason to head here unless you're in the district =)

  10. I had their chicken katsu sandwich once...not bad

  11. @Sean & @Baby Sumo: Haha, I guess I was being a tad cryptic. :P

  12. ulric: ahhh, i haven't dared to sample their hot/warm meals yet! :D
    lfb: luckily the blogosphere is filled with people reading between lines, heheh :D

  13. OK OK, got it loud and clear! Staying far far away!

  14. @Sean: Well, I shan't say if they read the space between the lines correctly or otherwise. One man's bread is another man's, uhm, non-bread food product, after all. :P

    @minchow: Hey dear! We need to meet up and chow down! ;)

  15. Hey Sean,
    Thanks for all the nice photos and places introducted, excellent stuff. Think I found another blogsite with similar photos & write up. Is this blogsite yours as well?


  16. woot! It is close to my area! Gonna check them out soon...

  17. min: heheh, hope there's a better option elsewhere in taman desa for bread though! :D
    lfb: or as confucius said, one man's muffin is another man's moldy mush!
    tzeping: thanks; appreciate your feedback! :D nope, that's not my site; it's a copycat, but i haven't bothered to take any action against it.
    chong: hope you enjoy it! the setting is not bad for a rainy evening when the weather is cool =)

  18. Confucius said that, huh? :P

  19. LFB, we gotta chow down, but not anywhere near Ficelle, right? Unless I am totally reading this upside down! :-P

  20. Lfb: it was either confucius or Plato! I forget which one :D
    Min: yeah, LFB is too cryptic for his own good! :D

  21. sure, no problem Sean. guess let them be copy cats. keep up the good work!

  22. tzeping: thanks for the kind words. much appreciated, really =)

  23. sounds great! :) worth a try coz levain is always full of people


  24. Fish: ya, this outlet seems less crowded compared to levain =)