Friday, October 7, 2011

Mojo @ Heritage Row

After having survived for six years now, Mojo deserves some sort of award for outlasting so many other restaurants that have come & gone on Asian Heritage Row.

The vibe is kitschy, but the service is warm & the food is generally good. Yeah baby!

Spectacularly succulent beef ribs, boasting a rich flavor that made every bite blissful. This particular cow's sacrifice of its life was not in vain.

Rice, fried with salted egg, topped with egg & served with chicken & papadum. Competently prepared; not too oily, but reasonably moist & fragrant.

Crispy duck with plum sauce, chili oil, julienned spring onions, cucumber & homemade pancake wraps. Slightly too stringy, but that's a problem for this recipe at other outlets too.

Salmon-&-crab-&-potato cakes. Tasty enough, though the potatoes proved to be the dominant component, not the seafood.

Desserts are where Mojo shines. This Granny Smith apple crumble with cinnamon & ice cream was gorgeously luscious.

Cardamom spice-scented panna cotta, a nice change from the usual vanilla variety.

House-baked Belgian chocolate walnut brownies. Hot, fudge-filled & flavorful.

Wolf Blass Bilyara Chardonnay (Australia).

Green Ivy (tequila, midori, malibu, blue curacao, orange, sweet sour) & Mid Nite Sex (southern comfort, midori, orange juice, cranberry juice, ale).

Naughty Passion (gin, monin passion, sprite) & Woo Woo (vodka, peach, cranberry).

Mojorita (tequila, lime, mint leaves, monin passion) & Guinness Draft.

A final tip of the hat to the gone-but-not-forgotten restaurants that once made Heritage Row my favorite dining street: Mezza Notte, Cochine, Tokyo Tei, Kristao, Vanilla Box, Palacio, The Ivy, Senja, That Indian Thing & Atrium. Happy memories.

Asian Heritage Row, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Really wanted to try Cochine...but procrastinated too it's gone...*weeps* :(

    Anywhere comparable to recommmend? :)

  2. Ulric: yeah, I really miss cochine & the other restaurants on heritage row. I was throwing away old restaurant receipts recently, & I realized I spent a chunk of 2005 & 2006 eating at heritage row. Especially an Italian outlet called Mezza Notte. It had fantastic pastas. Anyways, there's still good indochinese food at Tamarind Hill, on jalan sultan Ismail.

  3. Oh...good to hear...always had a liking to d unique flavours of Indochine food :D

  4. Ulric: yeps, it supplies what u might call a burst of flavors =)

  5. Even though I'm a kl-ite, I actually haven't been to the heritage row before. *gasp*

  6. Hahaha...correcto mundo :D

  7. Yeah any outlets that can last longer than 5 years in Asian Heritage row or Changkat BB should be given an award. hahah

  8. michelle: ahh, it's not really worth visiting now. there's mostly only clubs here now =)
    ulric: yep, that's what i like about indochinese food too :D
    eiling: heheh, i think it's easier to survive for a longer time at changkat. frangipani, magnificent fish & chips, el cerdo, they all still seem to be going strong =)

  9. "This particular cow's sacrifice of its life was not in vain."


    Your writing just keeps getting, man! Now we come here not only for our daily dose of what new (or new-ish) makan there is in town but also for some wily wit to win over our wintry (due to office air-cons on steroids) days. :D

  10. kenny: wily? gosh, thanks, i'll take that as a compliment lah, even though it makes me think of wile e. coyote or a certain wascally wabbit! :D

  11. I swear I left a commment about desserts here! Where is it!! :P
    Anyways, I reiterate - can't believe the desserts are actually good!

  12. Rebecca: heheh, wonder what happened! But ya, I'm pleasantly surprised over the desserts too. Maybe there's a special desserts chef :D

  13. but frangipani is moving out i heard

  14. Eiling: oh, they say they're not moving, but their owners will be opening new outlets elsewhere by the end of the year :D