Friday, October 21, 2011

Durian Durian & Tong Pak Fu

Suria KLCC's concourse could soon become a real hub for sugar-seekers, thanks to an array of dessert specialists that are launching on this level.

One kiosk _ Durian Durian _ is a dream come true for fans of this fruit, serving a dizzying selection that includes delightful durian custard puffs, bursting with creamy decadence.

Durian mochi. Chilled satisfaction _ soft to the touch, pleasurably sticky to the bite.

It's fine to cut the cheese: durian cheese mousse (with a milky smoothness reminiscent of tiramisu) & durian cheesecake (with a freshly baked feel if you buy it in the morning).

Durian pancakes, made to order. A more Western approach to pancakes, less luscious than the paste-packed, pillow-like ones sold at Chinese restaurants & shopping mall outlets.

Durian ice cream. Terrific, thanks to its surprisingly subtle flavor & luxurious texture.

Durian kuih bahulu. If you're a lover of traditional sponge cakes, you might think this version lacks flair, since it tastes more more mass-produced & commercialized.

Also on this level of KLCC, check out Tong Pak Fu, which hails from Hong Kong & serves Taiwanese shaved ice creations.

There's more durian here! Tong Pak Fu's "Durian Snow Ice," made with Tracka durian pulp, is a delicate, melt-in-the-mouth beauty _ more agreeable than expected. Partnered with grass jelly & sago pearls, this truly is a princely portion.

Warm walnut cream. Alas, this one tastes a little too artificial to recommend.

Soon to come on this floor: Bruno's Gelato, Candylicious & Garrett Popcorn!

Durian Durian & Tong Pak Fu,
Concourse Level, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Tong Pak Fu reminds me of a really old Chinese movie starring Stephen Chow. (He sings the chicken wing song in tht movie.. really hilarious).

    Btw isnt durian a seasonal fruit?

  2. baby sumo: wow, i don't watch many hong kong movies, but i think i might know the one you're talking about! i used to really look forward to stephen chow movies, especially the chinese new year ones, back when i was a student in the '90s :D ya, you're right, durian's supposed to be seasonal, but these days, i think they've got all the frozen durian and also some varieties that are available all year round =)

  3. Durian Durian was formerly from Pavilion rite? Really missed their black sesame durian Swiss roll...thanx 4 letting me know where they went :)

    Frens highly recommended Tong Pak Fu...lets c how many variations of snow ice I can sample in one go :D

  4. ulric: yeps, it'd be interesting to find out why they went from pavvy to klcc. their new kiosk here seems larger, with more varieties, i think. there's another branch of tong pak fu as well, at sunway giza =)

  5. I love the guava ice at Tong Pak Fu. It comes with these cute little molecular balls with liquid and it is really refreshing. Too bad the weather has been so cold that eating the snow ice is a bad idea.

  6. Boo: Oooo, I think that's one of their items that I wanted to try. Tong pak fu's menu is a lot wider than I had expected. But y'know, I actually enjoy having chilled food & drinks when the weather is wet & cold :D

  7. yums!
    I loved Durian durian too when they were in Pav! Great to kwn that there's even more variety here now!
    And another desserts plc to hit when I'm in KLCC, plus im eagerly awaiting Bruno's Gelato & Garrett Popcorn

  8. Thenomadgourmand: ya, and nothing to do with food, but I'm very pleased that the escalator from the car park up into the park mall zone of klcc has finally reopened this week, after so many months of renovation! :D

  9. Indeed it's gonna be a 'sugary' place. Haha. I'm just waiting for Garrett Popcorn to open now.

  10. wow i love durian and looks like this is the place to be. I am also ogling at the shaved ice. You can really see the layers!

  11. Garret Popcorn is a fiendishly evil cration! And now they are opening a stone's throw away from my office. Oh Noes!!!

  12. chong: yeah, i haven't tried garrett before! i hope the queues of people waiting to buy popcorn won't be too long at klcc :D
    eiling: the pattern for the shaved ice was really pretty! very intricate and fragile-looking =)
    unka: heheh, i peeked at the popcorn flavors on garrett's website, and all of them look great! caramel, cheese, pecan, butter... :D

  13. gross! me no likey durian!haha

  14. ciki: heheh, i don't like durian as a fruit, but i like it when it's processed into desserts :D