Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kaiseki @ Ten

Ten tempted us back, this time for kaiseki.
Earlier entry on Ten: Oct. 10.

Ten tiny courses in Ten's RM300 set, blasting off with leek-wrapped salmon, lubricated with a luscious egg-vinegar sauce. Consider our appetites whetted.

Black cod topped with sea urchin. It's merely a mouthful, but it tastes miraculously delicate & decadent at the same time.

Sashimi to win our hearts. Air-flown fish can't get much fresher than this.

Grilled Pacific saury. At other outlets, this sometimes carries a stench. But Ten's version has a natural sweetness that makes it reminiscent of halibut.

Bamboo leaf-wrapped miso duck. Don't duck the duck; it's voluptuous!

Prawn noodles. Cold & pleasurably coarse, with a crustacean savoriness.

Steamed tile fish with scallops, veggies & spicy notes of ginger. A recipe like this could easily be betrayed by overcooking, but blessedly, this one wasn't.

Deep-fried prawn rolls with burdock cracker. Crisp & meaty; might be the most calorie-cursed course in this kaiseki, but even so, it isn't burdened by excess oil.

Something soupy: dobin mushi, featuring grouper & shimeiji mushrooms.

Black sesame ice cream. Creamy & dreamy; fortunately, it's part of the kaiseki set, since it costs a whopping RM25 on the a la carte menu.

Ten Japanese Fine Dining,
D5-G3-5, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. RM300 seems pretty steep, the portions look rather small. But I guess the ingredients are top notch eh?

  2. I neeeeeeeed to visit here fast :P

    Lots of different ingredients from d normal :D

  3. baby sumo: oooh, i figure that since it's RM300 nett, we can think of it as RM260++. still pricier than most kaiseki elsewhere, but the meal lasted a long time and was very enjoyable, heheh =)
    ulric: yeah, true, some ingredients were quite interesting, though all the dishes seemed comfortingly/authentically traditional in terms of preparation :D

  4. RM 25 for black sesame ice cream?! Wow. :( But it looks too nice to pass...

  5. yum.. im comparing it to the kaiseki menu we get here

    it does look like for 230 aud we do get quite a fair bit of good stuff!

  6. Michelle: yeah, it's done a bit differently from the usual sesame ice cream. There's some sort of cake-y base which provided nice texture =)
    Joe: wow, the Australian branch's omakase looks stunning! Very elaborate and inventive recipes, even better ingredients. But I guess the excuse could be that kaiseki sets are a bit more conservative than omakase sets =)

  7. Guess what? I was editing the photos of the Kaiseki meal we had in Kyoto yesterday, and today you blog about that.LOL

    The Kaiseki in Ten looks good! Must go try and can compare. :P

  8. CK: heheh, great & hungry minds think alike! hope your kaiseki was very satisfying too. will wait for your post! :D

  9. D Bamboo Leaf-wrapped Miso Duck sounds delish! :)

    But I pass on d cold prawn noodles :P

  10. ulric: heh, the good news is that the kaiseki items are probably changed regularly, so there should always be something new to sample =)

  11. Actually , if I were to break down the dishes with the price, it's actually ok.
    Well, this is the best Jap in town as yet, and may even get poor disoriented souls like me to head to that ass of a place called publika!

  12. Rebecca: apparently it was closed on Wednesday this week though, cos they're preparing for their official opening! Not sure when exactly that will be, or whether it might be closed on other days this week =)

  13. It looks brilliant and Rm300 is actually a god deal considering what you're getting in return.

    I'm curious with the bamboo leaf wrapped miso duck. Curious...I feel like disecting the screen. Afterall who is opened at 4am? LOL

  14. off topic but Santouka has started to serve Tonkatsu and 2 other side dishes . not yet tried but after their karaage, hope to try soon.

  15. Missyblurkit: heh, yeah, it's painful for us that Japanese food is always the priciest around, but I guess if it's really good, then we're less reluctant to fork out the price =) The duck recipe was interesting. At first we didn't know what kind of leaves these were! :D
    Jeffrey: yep, tnx, it'll be interesting to see whether Santouka's Tonkatsu is better or tonkatsu's Tonkatsu is better, since they're both on the sixth floor =)

  16. wow RM300... that's quite a big price tag. My wallet will be very light after that.

  17. eiling: heheh, save it for a special occasion :D

  18. Ooooo... need to check out this place soon. Is the food here better Hanare?

  19. Smitten: I think Hanare is still better, but this place comes quite close! =)