Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bistro a Table

Back to Bistro for the umpteenth time. We've lost count of our visits.

Can you smell it? Cream of celeriac with freshly shaved black summer truffles. One word: wow.

Seared trevally with black truffle jelly & parsnip puree. A fish that features the meaty texture of sea bass & the sweet taste of pomfret. Thrillingly presented, like a UFO of cooking, topped with a slice of jelly & a sliver of truffle for earthy enhancement.

Foie gras & quince paste jelly terrine with champagne jelly, apple salad, gherkins & capers. We order goose liver terrine whenever it surfaces on any menu; Bistro a Table's breathtaking interpretation ranks near the very best. Buttery, melt-in-the-mouth bliss.

Scallops with ginger cream & shallot veloute. Masterful, with exquisitely juicy scallops cooked somewhere between sashimi & seared.

Eight-hour-cooked duck confit, alongside accompaniments that complement the meat so well: puy lentils, beetroot orange salad & candied kumquats.

Kill the wabbit! Slow-braised rabbit in red wine stew with duck fat-roasted chat potatoes.

Grand Marnier ice cream, freshly churned on order with Chef Isadora's new Pacojet machine. Three words: alcoholic ice cream. With the focus on "alcoholic" & "cream."

Apple tart tatin with Mexican vanilla ice cream, another product of the RM18K PacoJet.

Chocolate fondant, version 2.0. This improved recipe is matched (in heaven) with concentrated milk ice cream (the PacoJet sure stays busy!) instead of vanilla creme anglaise.

Chocolate mousse with Milo & hazelnut praline. A smooth, sweet-talking player that seduces the taste buds with a dark, bittersweet edge.

Caramelized banana & coconut bavarois. Sugary stuff, with a fragrant, fragile lusciousness.

The menu calls this "the ultimate hot chocolate," more decadent-tasting than one might expect. A knockout end to a knockout meal.

Bistro a Table,
Jalan 17/54, Petaling Jaya.

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  1. you must really loe this place... how many times have you visited here? I'm sure you wouldn't lost count of that!

  2. Wow really impressed with the dishes I see here.. everything looks so good!

  3. michelle: heheh, i think at least eight times in four months. the menu is revised relatively often, so there's always something different to sample! :D
    baby sumo: yeps, i especially loved the foie gras terrine, but unfortunately, it was taken off the menu after just a week, since the preparation of the quince jelly was supposedly very laborious :D

  4. Do you know how much they charge for corkage?

  5. Eiling: nope, sorry, i don't know, but I'd suspect at least rm50 =)

  6. Wow, wow, wow, I want to go!

  7. CK: go quickly, before the menu changes again! :D

  8. duck fat potatoes... ohhh myyyy O_o

    This visit seems the best of them all! Maybe cos I see a lot of desserts?? :P

    Approx price fr each dessert?

  9. rebecca: oh ya, the dessert list this time was even more interesting than usual! and not too pricey ... most of them are about RM20 (including service charge) :D

  10. *wails* I still have yet to go.

  11. Unkaleong: oh man, and this place is like really close to home for ya summore! Make plans to go lah =)

  12. Wow. Thank heavens for your umpteenth visit (and then some). I wanna go again and again... Chef Isadora truly rocks - every dish looks superb. :)

  13. kenny: ya lor, she's like the evil temptress of kl's culinary world. i try to resist, but i can't help being drawn into her clutches! :D