Saturday, October 15, 2011

Coffee Chemistry Signature

Coffee Chemistry recently opened its second outlet; the "Signature" attached to this Subang branch's name signals that it's a notch above the Sunway Giza original.
Entry on Coffee Chemistry @ Sunway Giza: January 26.

The menu here at Subang seems wider, with thoughtful touches that make the recipes memorable. The "Beef Goddess" Pizza, loaded with flavor-packed toppings, features a base that leans closer to pita bread than regular pizza dough.

Fish & chips, blanketed with a cheesy salsa sauce that kids might find fantastic.

Honey-glazed black pepper chicken with butter herb rice & mashed potatoes, as satisfying as can be. The meat is impeccably prepared, the rice is aromatic & the potatoes are a creamy pleasure, clearly made from the real thing.

Save space for alcoholic macarons! We can't confirm what booze is infused into these babies _ brandy? rum? _ but rest assured, the flavor of liquor is discernible.

Macarons by Feliciously, with cool names including Crouching Caramel, Hidden Sea Salt (salted caramel), What's Up Matcha (green tea), Rose, Rose, I Love You (rose, lychee pulp), Passionately Yours (passion fruit) & Whazzaup ... Bi!!! (wasabi).

And of course, Graffeo brews, Coffee Chemistry's pride & joy.

Paulaner Natural & orange juice.

Coffee Chemistry Cafe,
First Subang Mall.


  1. Those alcoholic macarons are by my friend Kevin

    Did you like it? :)

  2. Nice place for drinks and chilling :) Love the Dark Chocolate macarons there <3

  3. Rebecca: hey, thanks for the link! Nice to know where the macarons came from! And looks like the alcoholic one was rum & raisin. I loved the flavor. Very aromatic and not too sweet! Texture was OK, but can still be improved. Didn't quite have the perfect light-but-creamy feel :D
    Kinson: oh yeah, and the service team is great too! Very friendly and efficient. We wanted to try the dark chocolate macarons, but unfortunately they were sold out that night! =)

  4. I wanna try the wasabi macarons!

  5. The macaron names are so cute and creative!

  6. Michelle: heheh, luckily a few outlets in kl now have wasabi macarons. It's one of my favorite flavors too! :D
    Baby sumo: oh yeah, "crouching caramel, hidden sea salt" made me smile! The macaron creator has a cool sense of humor =)

  7. finally some alcoholic macarons. That's good news!

  8. Eiling: heheh, by next year, I think we'll have alcoholic everything available! :D

  9. 'What's Up Matcha' really is a brilliant name. :D

  10. Kenny: ya, it's way better than the name that I'd have thought of: Green Tea Hee Hee :D

  11. Pita bread? Tats makes it a sloppy mess to eat with d overloaded toppings...I like :D

  12. Ulric: oh yeah, it's marvelously messy! The bread is not as stiff as regular pizza crust, though it still has a nice toasty feel =)

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