Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mek T

A taste of Terengganu (with a touch of Kelantan) has come to Puchong, thanks to Mek T, a family-run cafe that serves East Coast specialties.

Rojak betik. This tangy salad of pickled papaya, pineapples & cucumber, smothered in a thick, fishy puree, might prove an acquired taste.

Nasi dagang _ addictively aromatic, with long-grain & glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk for a pleasurable stickiness. Paired with a rather oily tuna curry.

Nasi ulam. Kampung cooking at its tastiest; even reading the menu's description for this is mouthwatering _ rice colored blue with "bunga telang" (clitoria flowers) & accompanied by grilled fish flakes, herbs, crackers, chicken, ulam, gulai & sambal.

Something sinful: Nasi Sedapp Sokmo _ basmati rice with chicken-&-egg curry & pineapple sambal. Delicious, but carbs are the customer's worst enemy at Mek T.

Pulut lepa. Fish-stuffed glutinous rice grilled in banana leaves, best eaten warm.

Laksam. Always a pleasure _ handmade, thick-cut noodles, generously coated in a creamy gravy of fish puree, coconut milk & ulam.

The local version of spaghetti marinara, this laksa comprises noodles in fish paste. Not as terrific as laksam, but tasty nevertheless.

Keropok lekor. Made with more fish than flour (ikan parang & tenggiri).

Kar pek hu sah. The healthy version of keropok lekor, steamed instead of fried.

Mek Pau Goreng. Pan-fried paus, filled with coconut. Fairly fluffy & fragrant.

Lompat tikam. Glutinous rice flour & coconut cream with Gula Melaka syrup. Possibly the quintessential Malay dessert, considering that list of ingredients.

Mek T,
127, Jalan Kenari 23A, Bandar Puchong Jaya.
Tel: 03-8071-5707.
Closed Mondays.


  1. Oh yes, owned by Cindy Tey and family.

  2. Rebecca: they seem to be doing a good job attracting the crowd. It was pretty packed on a weekend for lunch =)

  3. It's good to see this cos I've been craving for some dishes from the east coast for quite some time!

  4. D nasi ulam, laksam n laksa looks like good bets for me :)

    Need to bring my mum here...she shud like it :D

  5. i still need to get my ass there, darn!

  6. wow....all serving T'ganu food. I must take down the address la..Ya..I thought of bringing my mom there too...since she's from T'ganu. Bet she may love the place =)

  7. Aiya it's in Puchong - one of the places I rarely venture to. :P

  8. michelle: oh ya, recipes like nasi kerabu seem relatively easy to find in KL, but there aren't too many restaurants that specialize exclusively in east coast fare :D
    ulric: yep, there seem to be lots of families eating here. and the food seems reasonably priced, so a meal here won't cost more than RM20 per person...

  9. ky: the opening hours seem quite convenient! especially since they don't close in between lunch and dinner :D
    melissa: oh, the family that runs this place is also from terengganu, i think (or at least the matriarch is). your mom and her might have something to chat about =)
    baby sumo: heheh, yeah, it's not one of my usual areas either, even though it's only a 20-minute drive from where i live :D

  10. yeah it's by Cindy Tey's family.I'm drooling at the keropok lekor.

  11. eiling: heh, i don't actually know cindy. not sure if she was at the outlet that day =)

  12. Oh you gotta love them clitoria flowers... they give anything remotely grain-ish the loveliest blue colours... :D

    I have to admit many of these dishes are new to me! I should have ventured out more, makan-wise, back when I was travelling in the East Coast!

  13. kenny: yeah, and since the blue dye is all-natural, we don't have to worry about nasty artificial coloring! :D but anyways, if you're done with your cuti-cuti antarabangsa for now, maybe kelantan or terengganu could be a diverting cuti malaysia sometime in the next year. if the beaches there don't delight ya, the nasi ulam might! =)

  14. Lompat tikam! Yeah ... very quintessentially Malay. Read this from NST some time ago, though was kind of turned off by the fast food outlet-like interior, and serving presentation.
    But anything for some good nasi dagang and laksam.

  15. j2kfm: heheh, this was the first time i'd ever tried 'lompat tikam,' i think! it'd be interesting to hear the opinions of anybody from kelantan or terengganu if they visited this outlet :D

  16. Ahhh next time when hubby got appointment there, I'm so gonna tag along :p Must also go to RT Bakery for Hokkaido cake

  17. babe_kl: ooo, i haven't tried RT Bakery either! hokkaido cakes sound yummy :D

  18. Hi, is this place still open? i tried calling but i couldn't get through.
    by the way, the food posted here aren't T'ganu dishes but Kelantanese except for the nasi dagang. And we call the blue rice nasi kerabu, not nasi ulam though it is rice with ulam2. But there shouldn't be raw cabbage in the ulam, restaurant operators like to substitute the taugeh with the cabbage to cut cost.
    There's nasi kerabu putih, nasi kerabu kuning (which is hard to find) & nasi kerabu hitam (which is the blue one). They call it hitam cause the blue used to be very dark blue, nowadays they use too little of the flower.
    And there should be a red colored pulut with ur lompat tikam.