Saturday, February 19, 2011


Chinese New Year might be over, but the memories still live on. Right?

Anyhow, with the exception of this mediocre yee sang, the other dishes that we ordered at this decade-old restaurant will probably remain available all year round.

We had mixed feelings about this Four Seasons platter. The abalone slices and marinated baby octopus were OK (though unexceptional), but the spring rolls were abysmally bland, while the pork ribs were soaked in a sickeningly sweet sauce.

Suckling pig. A massive portion that even 10 people might be hard-pressed to finish. Our complaint: while the skin was crisp, it wasn't brittle enough.

Steamed river patin in soy sauce. Won't win any awards, but it seemed fairly fresh.

Mixed veggies with bean curd. Most Chinese diners would have eaten this more than a hundred times in their lifetimes, for better or worse.

Fake shark fin soup. Starchy and less flavorsome than expected.

Yam fried rice. Not bad, but we were too stuffed to dig into this dense mound of carbs.

Pan-fried pancakes. Piping-hot and pretty addictive. Not too greasy, fortunately.

Longan in chilled soybean milk. Tasted very much like we imagined it would.

Jalan PJS 8/5, Sunway Mentari.


  1. Wellcome reminds me of Hong Kong's supermarket chain store... Do you like four seasons platter?

  2. michelle: heheh, i wonder if they all purposely misspell 'welcome' ... but nope, i'm not really a fan of four seasons platters. out of the four varieties served on the plate, there'd always be hits and misses :D

  3. but the fake sharks fin do look very real! And that is a big roasted suckling pig but I'm sure I could finish it if you were to serve it to me! hahah

  4. Eiling: oh heheh, definitely fake fins, cos the price was very cheap! And too bad the suckling pig wasn't as tasty as the ones served at the more established Chinese outlets =)

  5. Hw did u even find tis place and wht made you made a booking here? So obscured!I'm a biased person ;p A plc like this I won't even step in, even tho I'm quite adventurous, I'll like to to hv a gauge via feedback tht the food wil be at least ok be4 i try ;p

  6. Tng: heheh, I saw an ad for their CNY set dinner promotion, and it looked reasonably priced and the location was convenient too. But ya, it's not a place that I'd expect to revisit in future :D