Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Maju Palace

Despite the absence of pork, the food at Maju Palace is pretty satisfying _ but that's no surprise, since it belongs to the Oriental group of restaurants.

Crab meat with pomelo sauce in whole oranges. A light, refreshing starter, with the tangy fruit nicely complementing the tender crab meat. Easy to scrape out.

Lobster broth in pumpkin. Naturally sweet, decadently creamy.

Soft-shell crab in 'moneybag' parcels. Warm and crisp; a fuss-free snack.

Empress Chicken. Superbly executed; the paste was juicy and aromatic, while the coating of almonds gave everything a pleasant crunch.

Braised bean curd with spinach & shimeiji mushrooms. Melts in your mouth, not on your spoon. Irresistible, really (and healthy too!).

Smoked farm chicken. Fairly flavorsome; in another meal, this could be the star of the evening, but it was eclipsed by the other more flamboyant dishes here.

E-fu noodles with mushrooms & veggies. Soft and slippery, but not greasy; went well with a hearty spoonful of crushed garlic on the side.

Peking Duck, Part I. Decent, but forgettable; not the best in town, that's all.

Peking Duck, Part II. The only flop in this meal. Too salty to recommend.

Maju Palace,
Maju Junction, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. looks very quiet..but this used to be our favourite "sau gung" lunch place since we were working at wisma sime darby..good stuff for a halal restaurant

  2. Peking duck! Another one of my 2011 culinary rediscoveries! Where do you reckon's the best spot for Peking duck in KL? Imma chalk them up like they're going out of fashion!

  3. Wah chinese restaurant spree! I used to dine at this place many many years ago. Now, I rarely go there.

  4. Hmm, I don't think I can look at another Chinese feast after ours last night... one course too many? Hehe.

    Oh and Devil + I finally loh sang-ed! With the Diva, no less. Hooray! :D

  5. Used to go here quite a lot for office lunches when I was still working the Kl city area.... Yummy food! Despite no pork factor... :)

  6. joe: ya, i guess their halal status should help them attract more business in this neighborhood, though actually, i've rarely seen any muslim diners here in the evening. maybe lunch, hmmm...
    min: yikes, i probably don't eat peking duck often enough to know best. but i remember the one at flower drum at jalan bukit bintang being quite good. and extra super tanker at damansara kim does a yummy version with a twist (they call it chinese sandwich style, wrapping the skin with fluffy bread pau instead of pancakes) :D
    michelle: ya, this place is one of those hardy survivors that just keep on going for years. the menu is creative and wide, service is pleasant, and prices are ok :D
    lfb: fed up of chinese feasts already?! but it's not even the eve of new year yet! how to endure until chap goh meh?! heheh, we both belong in the yee sang late-comers' club; i only had my first this year two days ago on sunday nite...
    j: ooh, you might have been working relatively nearby to me. my office is about a 10-minute walk from maju junction, heheh. but i rarely eat here (too lazy to stroll under the sun) :D

  7. Actually some chinese restaurants whc are pork free are fine really, just make up with better other dishes !

  8. tng: ya, i guess the ideal chinese restaurants are the porky ones that also whip up excellent food! including elegant inn, gu yue tien and the han room :D

  9. i love the moneybags. it must be one of their signature dishes. I think the crab meat in pomelo sauce looked great too - something different and refreshing. Have a great reunion dinner tomorrow!

  10. eiling: thanks! hope u have a nice celebration tomorrow in colombo too! eat lots of great food, drink up, be happy and stay safe :D

  11. Sun nite? You beat me by a day.

    But I actually don't mind lohsang-ing late. After the initial thrill, it gets boring real fast for me. :P

  12. lfb: ya, that first yee sang of the year (at chef choi on jalan ampang) was a bit ... anti-climactic for my group. tasted OK only. none of the chinese outlets seem to be doing innovative yee sangs this year (where's my foie gras yee sang?!) :D

  13. I knew it! You'd either aim for a foie gras yee sang or one with truffles and see hum. Eeks and ewws.

  14. lfb: better than a dog meat yee sang, rite :D