Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Smoke & Fire

A few steps away from Sage and Gsix, this spacious club underscores Mid Valley's valiant struggle to nurture a nightlife.

Customers can groove indoors to a band that warbles '80s hits _ or better yet, linger outside at an alfresco area that's less crowded and noisy.

A wide-ranging snack menu here includes duck breast skewers. Chunky but chewy.

Baby octopus skewer. Not too rubbery, but stick to the Japanese outlets for superior versions.

Hot tapas include grilled sardines with olive oil. A bit too salty to appreciate.

Pizza Margherita, topped simply with cheese, tomato & fresh basil. A surefire stomach-filler, but less satisfying than what many Italian restaurants offer.

Vietnamese seafood spring rolls. With supper served until 1.30 a.m., this might be a worthwhile option for anyone who wants to munch in the mall after a late movie.

Chicken porridge. Wrapping up on a positive note: creamy and not too bland.

Lychee Bellini & Gapplelito (apple juice) champagne cocktails.

Brandy Alexander & Around The World.

Smoke & Fire,
The Gardens, Mid Valley.


  1. Looks good. What kind of crowd there?

  2. Yes, now that you mention it. Nightlife and MV just doesn't seem to gel. It's strange too, because we're always starved for places to go for after-work drinks, and yet none of what's here remotely appeals. Maybe it's general MV-phobia at work!

  3. You have my utmost respect and admiration for trying food at these kinda places coz I wouldn't be bold enough to do that! (also don't have a bottomless pocket like yours, so need to plan food expd more carefully. heh.)

  4. man: mostly a youngish, chinese crowd for now, very similar to the folks who hang out at brotzeit and the library on mid valley's ground floor boulevard =)
    min: ya, most bars and nightspots at shopping malls do seem to be a letdown (with exceptions like twentyone at bsc). but i empathize with you about wanting to escape my workplace area after office hours. i have to walk past asian heritage row everyday to get to my car, but i rarely drink there! :D
    lemongrass: heheh, no risk, no gain! i wouldn't revisit nearly 80 percent of the places that i check out (including smoke & fire), but the other 20 percent makes the effort all worthwhile! =)

  5. There seems to be a sudden influx of restaurants at Gardens!

  6. michelle: still plenty of space left for more! but right now, it's still a case of quantity over quality =)

  7. These poor ppl who are alws stuck in MV jams.. esp those who works there.. they nd more outlets to patronise! ;p

  8. Tng: ya, though actually I think it'd only take 15 mins for them to escape to bangsar! :D

  9. wah can't believe an outlet like this serves porridge! haha..

  10. Eiling: heheh, carbs to provide energy for clubbing! :D