Thursday, February 17, 2011


Alfresco dining at Kelana Jaya's lakeside is a placid, mosquito-free affair, mercifully.

Laila's might sound like a Malay restaurant, but booze is abundant here. Salsa classes and live musical performances are also a regular feature.

The menu's highlights are family recipes. Vee's Devil Curry was mild-tasting, without the spicy kick associated with this recipe. But that's not a terrible thing for those of us who aren't die-hard admirers of chillies.

Madam Lee's Chicken Pongteh. Worth ordering if you like Peranakan food. Seemed authentic, but not all that flavorful; like most of the pork-free dishes here, this is basic enough to be replicated at home.

Anni's Lamb Stew, cooked with Sarawak spices. Reasonably tender and robust-tasting meat, served with baked potatoes, carrots & coleslaw. But nope, Vee, Madam Lee & Anni weren't personally toiling in the kitchen.

All main courses come with rice. Helpful, since there's so much gravy.

Lake Dance (whisky, cherry brandy, cranberry juice, soda) & Galway Gray (vodka, creme de cacao white, triple sec, lime juice, whipped cream).

Sex On The Beach (vodka, monin peach, creme de cassis, orange, cranberry juice) & Chocolate Coated Kisses (vodka, monin strawberry, chocolate, whipped cream).

Ribena-based fruit punches.

Laila's Cafe & Lounge,
Plaza Kelana Jaya.
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  1. tng: the salsa classes might be fun! :D

  2. I was gonna say, am pretty terrified of mosquitoes.. u must have been just lucky! Me, i will get bitten even when ppl are not .. arrrrgh.. must be the blood type O or something~

    Food looks interesting, and Kelana Jaya is so near..maybe me and Cumi can try it this wkd;)

  3. eeyer. Literally just around the corner from my home n u didn't call me along. :(

  4. Sounds interesting and blad at the same time.

  5. Been there for Open Mic nights, the drinks were so blah that I couldn't even bring myself to peek at the food menu!

  6. ciki: heheh, mozzies are attracted to sweet blood maybe! and my blood might be too soaked with booze. oh ya, there are tons of restaurants at plaza kelana jaya; you'll be spoiled for choice! :D
    j: oops, actually this visit was many, many weeks ago, but it got trapped in my backlog! heheh, will definitely keep in mind that u stay nearby :D
    qwazymonkey: probably not worth trekking all the way to kelana jaya for, unless u're already in the area! traffic is murderous on weekday evenings, sigh!
    min: ooh, if u were performing there, i'd have been thrilled to see u in action! that would certainly compensate for any blah drinks and food, heheh :D

  7. Ribena based fruit punches sounds a little funny.

  8. michelle: ribena is one of those drinks that i've never really liked! :D

  9. It's got a pretty view, though.....

  10. ooh! no more word verification! hallelujah!

  11. lemongrass: not totally a sight for sore eyes (from some angles, the lake almost looks like an abandoned mining pool), but i suppose we in the klang valley can't really complain! :D and yes, i'm making it easier for u to comment more frequently! =)

  12. Thanks for being so considerate, although I think that benefit will be enjoyed by Kenny the most.
    On a totally unrelated note, I'm thinking of that glorious lap mei farn....

  13. lemongrass: absent people cannot enjoy any benefits (especially if i get bombarded by spam and switch back to word verification later) =) ohhhh, my burps still smell of lap mei farn :D

  14. lucky you mentioned that it was mosquito free. The last thing I ever want is the mosquitos feeding on me while I dine! hahahah

  15. eiling: yaaa, very pesky, whenever that happens. i usually don't get bitten very much, but it's annoying enough to have mozzies buzzing around us :D