Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Noodle Room

For lovers of Asian noodles of all shapes and sizes, this place might feel like paradise.

Chicken & veggie udon, from the Land of the Rising Sun. An overflowing bowl that supplied the pure pleasures of comfort food, even if the broth was reminiscent of Kari Maggi Mee. The carrots, runner beans & shallots made it kinda healthy.

Korean Chap Chae, with Dang Myun sweet potato starch noodles, beef strips, sesame seeds, carrots & wood ear mushrooms. Each of these platters might seem steeply priced at RM32++, but portions are hearty enough for two light eaters.

Laotian Khao Pun Nam Ya, with bee hoon, bean sprouts, tuna & mint leaves. Tasted like a cross between assam laksa and curry laksa, though it leaned largely toward the latter, thanks to the thick, aromatic coconut broth.

Thai bean thread noodles, also known as cellophane or mung bean noodles. Brimming with plump green lip mussels. Extra zesty, with lotsa lime & coriander.

Malaysian claypot loh see fun with minced chicken, choy sum, dried shrimp & spring onion. Lacked the slick sinfulness of hawker versions (where's my egg, dude?).

Of course, we had to have a couple of Chinese specialties. These Cantonese egg noodles in egg gravy with cabbage, ginger & prawns were competently prepared but unexceptional.

Mee suah with ostrich, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots & shitake mushrooms. Silky noodles, tender meat, crunchy chestnuts; flawless ingredients combined for satisfying slurps.

Verdicchio Umani Ronchi Villa Bianchi del Castelli di Jesi Classico DOC, 2006.

The Noodle Room,
Hilton Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Hilton KL!
    Did it took over any older establishment or its an add-on?

  2. Tng: oh it's actually been around since the beginning, located behind sudu on the lobby level. but it goes unnoticed by most visitors, since senses, chynna and iketeru receive all the attention. here's hoping that more folks will eventually realize that this outlet is worthwhile too =)

  3. I used to go there to makan my breakfast. I love the noodle bar. But that was a long time ago, during my carefree and frivolous days when saving up was never a choice.

  4. Doesn't really look like hotel type noodles (in a good way)...

  5. Oodles of noodles! :)

  6. I ordered Szechuan noodles the other day from the Noodle Room when I was sitting at Cafe Cino! Surprisingly good. :)

  7. What??? 7 bowls of noodles for 2 (I assume)???

  8. Qwazymonkey: a whopping plate of noodles sounds like a great brekkie, a delicious way to kickstart the day and packed with carbs and nutrients for plenty of energy! :D
    Baby sumo: ya, it still doesn't quite taste like as flavorsome as streetwise versions, but it's just as fulfilling, in a different way. Healthier and more nourishing, with better ingredients =)
    J: and there are still other varieties here that we haven't tried yet! :D
    Michelle: Oh yeah, I know there'll be folks who'll insist that such noodles shouldn't be eaten at hotels, but they haven't tried the noodle room! This isn't a mediocre hotel coffee house, heheh :D
    Leo: ooh, there were three of us here. But we were quite stuffed after that and couldn't have eaten another plate! And I think I didn't have any noodles after this for a loooong time :D

  9. it is a paradise for noodle lovers. Haven't had my breakfast and you had me drooling over this post!

  10. eiling: i wouldn't mind having a plate of sang har meen right now! :D