Sunday, February 20, 2011


A cozy watering hole where the decibel levels remain within a comfortable range. This place was once a terrific hideout, ideal for a secret rendezvous, but it's more crowded nowadays.

Food isn't the main attraction, but despite its nondescript appearance, the homemade chicken liver pate was surprisingly flawless _ as creamy and fresh-tasting as can be expected.

We used lots of bread to mop up the addictive brown sauce that blanketed these brandy-seasoned beef balls. Alas, the sauce proved tastier than the chewy meat.

Skip the lamb chops. Too tough and gamy to recommend.

Sommelier's wine selection is satisfactory. We enjoyed the reasonably priced Trewa Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile) & Villa Chiara Pinot Grigio (Italy).

Sommelier Bistro,
Plaza Damas,
Jalan Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Hmm stilllll waiting for one of them feng-thau joints in the neighbourhood to pick up on the need for something like this! I'm tired of sinking bottles of wine at home, in IKEA glasses!

  2. Gamy lamb chops are nightmares!

  3. wow brandy beef balls... looks like it's worth a try. I'm sure the sauce is intoxicating too! haha

  4. Min: I hear ya! My neighborhood of Sri petaling is also in desperate, desperate need of a place where we can drink some wine and not be drowned out by noise!
    Michelle: ya, that's the main reason I used to avoid lamb!
    Eiling: ahhh, I had assumed the brandy was meant to soften up the meat ... but it didn't work! =)